1. haselnut

    Need to access cameras behind Dahua NVR

    Hi I have Dahua NVR DHI-NVR4108-8P-4KS2 (firmware V4.001.0000005.1) and 8 Dahua cameras connected to POE ports. NVR has an ip, cameras are on different subnet 10.1.1.X managed by the NVR. I am trying to control the LED's on my cameras programmatically instead of the cameras own...
  2. M

    Dahua API to add groups and group permissions

    Guys, Anyone know if user groups and permissions for those groups can be added by the Dahua API. I can batch users and assign them to already set groups, but there seems to be no available command for adding groups in the API. Thanks in advance in anyone knows how to do this.
  3. irfankobber

    Triggering NVR Alarm using python script/API

    Hi everyone. I have a couple of hikvision cameras connected to Hikvision NVR 4.0 version. I want to trigger the alarm of the nvr using a python script running on my ftp server. How could I do this. Thanks in advanced
  4. henry12034

    Hikvision event api

    I am trying to configure a hikvision camera model ds-2cd2346g2-i, i need to a working api that, through http get command it alerts me when a certain event or alarm has happened, for example a line crossing alarm. I need this in order to integrate the alarm and notification into a third party...
  5. J

    Dahua / Amcrest API Client

    I have several Amcrest IP cams that I had been struggling with. In the process of troubleshooting them, I wrote a shell script to download and change settings for several cameras at once. I figured this might be as useful to some of you as it was for me, so I rewrote it in Go, so that non-unix...
  6. M

    API Call to Add Onvif User

    Any of my boys know an API call to add an Onvif user? Not in the API doc. Only how to delete an Onvif user. &accountType=1 seems to define the Onvif account section
  7. csJosh

    Api to download file (Http api RPC_Loadfile)

    Hi, Has anyone gotten the HTTP api method RPC_Loadfile to work? Other methods work for me to find files on my NVR, like mediaFileFind.cgi, but when I try RPC_Loadfile, it returns code 200 with empty data. The code I've been using is: import requests from requests.auth import HTTPDigestAuth # # [...
  8. Mark_M

    Fan speed via API

    Is there an API command for NVR to change fan speed? I have a NVR5216-16P-I which has one fan that can change speed. I would like to know if there is API to change fan setting to 'Self-adaption' or 'Full-speed'. My thought it to use Home Assistant to set the fan to full-speed during the day...
  9. T

    Night Licence plates

    Hi All, I have a Dahua SD5A425XA-HNR. At night, it has a strong IR light and lights the scene well. What I've discovered of course is that since licence plates are highly reflective, they are overexposed and unreadable. Default Exposure Compensation is set at 50. (Scale 0-100). This works...
  10. Scubadave112

    Camera Masking via IOS Shortcut

    So I am a noob and based on everything I have read online, this should be easy, but I am not a programmer and I know nothing about all the solutions I read... What I can say is that I can disable the camera masks via...
  11. esaesa


    I need latest API supporting ANPR models. I already found a one which support parking and traffic events but not car entry and exit.
  12. A

    Dahua IP PTZ HTTP Command for wipe

    Hi all, First post on here so be gentle! I am trying to send a wipe command to a DH-SD6AL230F-HNI-IR.... I have found (on this forum) a HTTP API document: https://s3.amazonaws.com/amcrest-files/Amcrest+HTTP+API+3.2017.pdf Using this I've managed to send a few different commands to various...
  13. bojanpotocnik

    External, independent control of Dahua IR LEDs and Alarm output via API

    Hello, I currently have IPC-T5442T-ZE and 2x IPC-B5442E-ZE, and in the process of ordering 6 more. I like T(urret) version more, but B(ullet) has alarm output - considering which one to buy based on the problems below. 1. I noticed that integrated IR LEDs are too spotlight focused, so I would...
  14. Q

    Dahua API command to activate/deactivate TiOC illuminator

    Hi there I am looking for the API http command to activate or deactivate the TiOC cams illuminator. My goal will be to switch it off and switch to b&w vision when we are at home, and switch the light on and switch to full color vision when we are away. Thanks bye :v:
  15. A

    Automatically setup NVR

    I was thinking of this idea. to set up a NVR automatically. Let's say 1. Motion to all camera if not set - 2. Sending NTP server Info Including DST 3. Setting Email Server 4. Get info on Storage. 5. Set time format. 6. Point is whatever we can add lets add to the API All this should be done...
  16. piotreksl

    Dahua download video with timestamps

    I have huge problems with http://<server>/cgi-bin/loadfile.cgi endpoint whatever i try to type here i get error 400 bad request. Can you tell me how u manage it to work, or give me example of your requests. I can add that other functions of api calls are working properly. Just this generates...
  17. M

    Hikvision DVR API

    I want to be able to control the on screen display on a Hikvision DVR DS-7204HQI-K1 via IP commands (e.g. going from multi camera view to a single camera, nothing fancy). I've tried various approaches and can't seem to figure it out. I know it can be done on most Hikvision NVRs using...
  18. R

    HELP: API Call To Reset People Counting Records

    Hi, Is there an API call that can reset People Counting records? Number of people, exit, enter etc. I found this API call in the documentation - http://<server>/cgi-bin/videoStatServer.cgi?action=clearSectionStat But it doesn't seem to be working. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  19. S

    Unable to establish connection with Dahua controller

    Hello, I'm a developer, I work on a project to make my own acess control system with Dahua products (I work with ASC1204b-s controller) However, I cannot connect to the controller with the HTTP Protocol (Basic and Digest authentication) using the API. Instead of sending back an error code (like...
  20. P

    Disabling IVS rules on Dahua NVR

    So I've got my system with Dahua NVR and multiple Dahua POE cameras working pretty well but I still am trying to be able to enable and disable having an IVS rule trigger an alarm or an email via the http API. I've searched a number of the latest Dahua http API documents and still can't find an...
  21. O

    Secure Transmission of Snapshots to Web API

    I've been looking everywhere for info on cameras that can do the following: Take a snapshot either regularly or triggered by an event; Send the snapshot securely to a specific Web API (i.e. to https://myAPI.com/snapshot). All I'm finding is cameras that: Send through FTP (some rare cameras...
  22. mememex2

    HikVision with LPNR, captures file metadata, work with API

    Hello. First of all - I am experienced (and shy) developer in part of working with HikVision cameras and NVRs via their REST API. But then again, it's poorly documented and may have breaking changes without any notice. They hide their documentation like it's some government secret. Well, like...
  23. D

    Toggle Auto Tracking via http

    Does anyone know how to toggle a Smart Plan on or off via a simple http command? The Dahua API documentation is super old and I can't find any reference to it. Specifically, I want to be able to toggle Auto Tracking on or off with a SD50225U. edit for anyone who sees this in the future: First I...
  24. nandomaciel

    HIKVision ISAPI

    Hello, I would like to know how to obtain ANPR images. I'm using a HIKVision DS-2CD7026G0/P-API camera and I'm getting the information via API with URI /ISAPI/Event/notification/ httpHosts. The big problem is that I am receiving the image in binary format and I cannot change it. Do you know if...
  25. Y

    API-HTTP Command for remote import of configuration to DAHUA NVR/IPC

    Hi, I need to change IVS configuration on my NVR often. And I want to do it from my smartphone. I can change configuration by many-many HTTP commands for each IVS rule and channel, but it is not so convinient. I wonder if there is HTTP command to DAHUA IPC/NVR to automatically import...
  26. T

    Dahua XVR, HCVR - remotely format toll/script/command

    Dear Colleagues, I wonder if there is any way to perform remotely hdd format on Dahua’s XVR, HCVR recorders? I know that I’m able now to do it by SmartPSS or by WEB platform but maybe there is a way to make script, code etc, to do it easier for my way? Maybe sone of you had similiar case? Any...
  27. pasquale.ambrosio

    API Nvr get list of connected cameras

    Dear All, I'm using Dahua http API to know: - the list of cameras conenected to the NVR - start date of recording of single channels For the moment I'dont find any method can help me. Somebody can help me? Thanks in advance
  28. K

    Get P2P qr code via Dahua API

    Anyone know if you can grab the qr code for p2p via the Dahua http api? I looked at a couple versions and I don't see it. Anyone know a way to grab this qr code programmatically?
  29. K

    Dahua HTTP API - User Access

    Hello, I am trying to disable a specific users remote viewing privileges at a certain time of day. In the API pdf I don't see anything about how to remove access to certain cameras. Any ideas? Thanks!
  30. chris_19

    Dahua API and Relative Camera Movement

    According to the Dahua API spec 1.67, the following should cause the camera to pan relatively 100* http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/cgi-bin/ptz.cgi?action=start&code=Relatively&channel=0&arg1=100&arg2=0&arg3=0&Arg4=0 However, it results in: Error Bad Request! A little digging shows a JS method named...