Browser for IP-Cams which need ActiveX and are not supported by new Browser generations anymore


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Jul 18, 2016
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Maybe try reading the help file included with IPConfig tool.
As a multi-year user of Config Tool, I did not know this help file (i.e. the Config Tool manual) existed. (There are some obsolete versions of the manual on the Internet, including at dahuawiki). It's not very obvious how to get to it, needing to first pull down the "about" down arrow. Dahua is inconsistent with this. In SmartPss you have to pull down the User Name icon to get to the manual. Anyhow, with this ranting finished, the password instruction is on page 15 of the manual:
"After setting the new password is completed, reset the password in Search setting interface."
But in the manual this instruction is out-of-order, appearing before the setting of the camera's password. It should appear after "Step 9: Click Finish to finish initialization." And in the "Modifying IP" section, there's not a peep about resetting Config Tool's password.

So the presence of the manual is a bit secret, the online versions are obsolete, the password instruction is out of sequence, and the video on dahuawiki incorrectly says to modify the computer's IP configuration. What chance does a new user have to make it work?

Added on edit: Andy posted a pdf and videos to change a new camera's IP address with Config Tool a few years ago here: Dahua ConfigTool using Instruction , AND looney2ns posted a copy of the manual later in the thread. (plus see post #9 for an additional video). The manual looney posted is a little older than the one I just found, but not obsolete. What I do is the same as Andy's instruction, except I don't set an email recovery address, and turn off easy4ip and auto-updates, all personal preferences.
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Nov 24, 2022
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Hello, everyone!

Since I've been looking for what feels like an eternity for a solution to configure old IP cameras via a browser under Windows10 , I would like to share my solution.
If a camera has to install an ActiveX plug-in, this fails with all modern browsers because - for security reasons - they no longer support ActiveX. With Firefox and Opera as well as an old Internet Explorer version, access was still possible in some cases, but fonts were often not displayed correctly or not at all, no live-stream access or whatever.

My solution for Windows 10 is: Safari (yes, the Apple Browser)

I was able to download Safari V5.1.7 from 2012 by and it still works great on Windows 10.

Live view and configuration run without any problems.

Of course, I would like to warn you against going online with such an old browser! The browser probably has more holes than my 30-year-old army socks! So please only use for internal network access!!!

Wanted to share this here, because I've had help on a number of occasions, but I couldn't find a solution to this topic in the entire forum.

Keep it running!
The simple solution is to shut off Windows updates. Windows updates break way more than they ever fix.
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Jan 17, 2016
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I have a spare old router that is set up on and just use it to set up cameras when I need to.
Just connect pc, POE injector and camera to the router and then set up your camera ip address.