1. Y

    Browser for IP-Cams which need ActiveX and are not supported by new Browser generations anymore

    Hello, everyone! Since I've been looking for what feels like an eternity for a solution to configure old IP cameras via a browser under Windows10 , I would like to share my solution. If a camera has to install an ActiveX plug-in, this fails with all modern browsers because - for security...
  2. electrichorseman

    Remote view without ActiveX

    My customer has about 60 remote locations. They originally had me installing Axis Companion series cameras and recorders. About 25 sites are done. This system is cloud based. The remote view was fine, the problem was with the hardware. The recorders would fail and I'd have to make long trips to...
  3. A

    Individual Camera Feeds in Internet Explorer

    Currently I can run my custom Blue Iris camera feed layout in Chrome and Edge but have run into difficulty on Internet Explorer. I'm using "/mjpg/cam1?user=user&pw=password" as the source for my feeds as suggested by Blue Iris' support but this doesn't seem to carry over into IE. Is there any...
  4. E

    Need an option to change remote viewer startup defaults.

    I use IE and ActiveX exclusively...the Java functionality in any browser I've tried is unacceptable with no image sizing or playback controls. It is extremely inconvenient to always have to switch from Java to ActiveX/MPEG to get useable performance and player control. Having to then select...