web interface

  1. Linman101


    We got hikvision cameras and nvr setup at one of our offices and we are trying to view live video on the web . We tried it first on normal Edge and when we log in the live view window is just grey and does not load anything. Then we tried it on Edge tab with IE 11 mode and got the message to...
  2. kmac6192

    SmartPSS download speeds very slow

    Recently set up a dahua system at one of my new stores and the download speed from smart pss is dramatically slower then it is for my other store locations. The only real difference between this stores setup and the others is that all cameras are run directly into the NVR not a POE switch. Ive...
  3. homeeri233

    Unable to access the Dahua NVR web interface

    Hello all. I have a Dahua NVR 4116-8P-4KS2/L with 3 PoE cameras for a month now. Everything works fine and it is also successfully connected to the internet. But I can not access the web interface. When I try to access it with the IP of the NVR, I can't get to the interface. The connection...
  4. chunte_actonkl

    Dahua NVR Web Interface text not showing properly after upgrade

    Dear all, I manually upgraded my NVR to the latest firmware on Dahua's website. The last time I upgraded the firmware was in 2019. Subsequent attempts and clicking don't he button didn't reveal any new firmware. Hence, after I found a new version on the website today, I did a manual upgrade...
  5. Dilan De SIlva

    How can I search for snaphots from web interface?

    Hi, I'm a new user of dahua 8 channel system (DH-XVR1B08H-I) with 6 cameras. When I connected to the system through WiFi and trough my PC, I cannot search for snapshots (I can search only for recordings). Drop-down list contains only "Record" option. But from DVR (if I connect a mouse to the...
  6. P

    Camera setting precedence

    Hi, When configuring my Security system does it matter where I do some or most of the configurations? What I am asking is, does the configuration on the cameras web interface like bit rate, frames per second, etc take precedence over Blue Iris or vice versa?
  7. A

    IPC-HFW1435S FTP Password not able to setup

    Hello, everyone! First post in the forum :) Didn't find any thread for this problem, so if there is one, please just give me a link! To the subject: I am trying to setup an FTP connection on my Dahua IPC-HFW1435S-W-S2 for snapshot uploads, but every time I enter the credentials and click "test"...
  8. Sven Liden

    Help! Error downloading clips

    I get this "unexpected error" when trying to download clips through the web interface of Blue Iris. I'm using Chrome on a Mac. Am I just missing some configuration setting, or anyone know what the error is or how to fix it?
  9. GhettoBurger

    Cannot Send HTTP POST to web server OpenALPR

    Hey all, I'm using ALPR watchman and am attempting to send data via HTTP POST to a web server. Unfortunately, it seems that OpenALPR does not respond when opting to select this rather then the other options. (see image) I'd appreciate any help regarding this matter, thanks!
  10. revbilly

    Web Interface with Auto Cycle?

    I'm on BI v4.8.4.7 with UI3 v65. I'd like to set up a laptop, separate from my BI server, to display some of my webcams full screen in rotation. I haven't been able to find a way to do it with the standard web interface. Does anyone know a way to do this? I'd like to use the streams from my...
  11. J

    Problems viewing camera and NVR webpage

    Hi all. I'm having some difficulty getting the cameras and NVR webpage to render properly on my new laptop. I had no issues on the trusty Dell E5430 with an HD display resolution set to 1366x768 at 100%, both at the recommended setting. This new laptop has a UHD display and is set to 1920x1080...
  12. mkdsn

    Conference 2-Way Audio possible via Web Interface?

    Hello guys. Im using Blue Iris to stream video content to another person which is using the UI3 web interface as another user to view the stream. I am able to stream with audio to him because my camera a Foscam FI9901EP has an audio line in. So my question is. Is it possible that he can also...
  13. S

    Change BI Web Grid Layout?

    Hi everyone I was wondering if its possible to change the BI web live view grid from a 3x2 to a 2x3? Im using @bp2008 UI2 as I like the interface better than the default ones But happy to change if it makes it easier Im assuming its just putting a line or two of code in to tell it to generate a...