password reset

  1. A

    Dahua IP camera dh-ipc-hfw1200sp-0360b reset password

    My camera serial is : dh-ipc-hfw1200sp-0360b I need to reset its password (I forget it) . I tried using config tool but It not worth and there is no reset button at the camera anywhere . Is there any another way to reset its password .
  2. B

    LTS Brand - LTN8708-P8 NVR help

    I inherited 2 LTS brand ( 8 channel DVR units supposedly "professional" level as consumers cannot buy or get support from company unless you are a dealer. Cannot get password on DVR reset despite all attempts at using SADP software and contacting manufacturer. I did not buy...
  3. J

    Hikvision NVR password reset

    Hello everyone! I recently purchased a used Hikvision NVR on ebay and the previous owner did not factory reset it before shipping it. The problem is that I purchased it from a reseller and they didn't have the password from the previous owner either. I ended up getting a full refund because...
  4. D

    DS-7608NI-I2/8P Help

    Had one installed in 2017 with an older firmware version. I upgraded the firmware so I can change the HDMI output display configuration thru the browser, updated firmware it went in fine, system did a reboot , asked to login when it came back up and it would not accept my password. eventually it...
  5. Z

    Hikvision DVR Password reset through firmware TFTP error

    Hi, I have a DS7608HUHI-K1 DVR which is password locked. I have tried to reset the password on the device using TFTP on IP but the DVR does not request the file when turned on. I have then connected to the device using the 4 pin connection to force the device to request the firmware...
  6. Z

    Hikvision DS-KB6403-WIP password reset for unbinding

    Hi I created a new hik connect app and I am trying to reconnect to my hikvision doorbell DS-KB6403-WIP . Unfortunately it is bound to my previous account and asking for a password to unbind which i have forgotten. Is it possible to reset the password on these doorbells? there is no reset button...
  7. Hakimi90

    Help !!! Password Required

    hi and good day, may in know what model of dvr is this and. How to reset password for this model. thanks you in advance hi
  8. Rick84

    Unable to load firmware for device reset using TFTP

    Hello everyone, I am in need of some help. As a lot of people may have done, I purchased an apparent never used but opened box HiLook by Hikvision camera from eBay. I have set cameras up before with ease and it was clearly obvious after connecting the camera to my network and using the SADP...
  9. 0570

    Bought a used Dahua NVR4108 - Cannot PW reset the camera's

    Hello! tl;dr - unable to password-reset any of my IP camera's! I thought it'd be a good idea to get a reputable brand camera system for my store, but it being a start-up and wanting to keep costs low I can't afford a new system. I came across a Dahua IP camera system that included 5 IP...
  10. pallahue

    unable to flash firmware (to reset password)

    Hi Guys, I bought a hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P but didn't inherit the password. I thought I could flash the firmware with existing and start afresh, but I am getting an which others have posted about and I can't seem to find a solution either: Error: Open File[C:\tftp\econt_Vision-Av2000]...
  11. Nilpo

    Password reset for Hikvision NVR

    I purchased a refurbished NVR from Nelly's. Turns out that it's still activated and I cannot do a password reset because it's not a US model (also a nice surprise). I've tried all of the password reset options I can find. Does anyone have any ideas how to reset this guy? NSN-108W-500G Software...
  12. saniaowner

    Hikvision backdoor IP camera

    Hello With the help of Mr. alastairstevenson and a few instructions ( WormChickenWizard/hikvision-xor-decrypter), I managed to create a tool a few months ago to reset the password of Hikvision IP cameras with firmware 5.4.4 and below. I was a little surprised when I noticed that this tool has...
  13. Jami91

    How to recovr/reset DVR Password?

    I have a STARLIFE hybrid DVR, I Forgot the password. I tried many ways like, using default password, removing cemos battery. But it wont works. Please Somebody help me. S/N : 201609020451 Model: SL-FHD1008DVR Company: Starlife DVR System: H.264 Video Compression PAL Pic Of S/N & Model
  14. Jami91

    Starlife Dvr forgot password

    I forgot my starlife dvr password. I am trying to reset dvr by removing cmos battery but i cant do it. Please help me
  15. kosmina

    Dahua Pass Reset Help Needed

    Hi, I have a Dahua dh-xvr1a04. Someone trying to help me setting it up, messed the password. He is not remembering the password he choosed, therefore I am not being able to log in into the system. In order to reset the password I tried: 1. All kind of apps that are supposed to generate a...
  16. J

    HikVision DS-2CD2D14WD password

    FYI, the little HikVision DS-2CD2D14WD Administrator password must only have alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers like "a B 1 2 3 ...", nothing like "- + ? ..."). Otherwise, you will not be able to login to it after setting the password (you will then have to factory reset it). Just...
  17. H

    Changed password on my NVR now my cameras are bricked!

    Hi Guys, I have a NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2 that I was trying to upgrade to online today. To cut a long one short I had forgotten my nvr password. No problem I thought, so I did a system (Only) reset put in my new password and bingo, no cameras. I'm currently running 2 x IPC-HDW5231R-Z, 2 x...
  18. Dilbertic

    SVC-B ip camera reset somehow and locked out ( new )

    A few night ago my camera stopped working, so I went in to see what was going on and it won't accept my user name or password and of course I am locked out for 20 mins... Could it have defaulted or something? I hear a clicking sound from it, never good. I see it in the iVMS Uty. Model...
  19. M

    Hikvision camera will not reset password

    Hopefully I have posted correctly this time! Signed up to this forum as there seem to be some very knowledgable and helpful people here. I have two Hikvision cameras both PoE and both connected to a QNAS NAS (using Surveillance station) on my network. Router is a Netgear BR500 and usual...
  20. A

    Eurovision(hikvision) NVR EVD-LIP04/100A1FH

    Hi, I have a problem with my NVR. When I connect a monitor I can't see anything, just black screen. I tried 2 monitors, and I tried both outputs(hdmi, vga) with the same result. I cant reach the NVR with the web interface either. I can ping it though. I did a port scan, and the only open port...
  21. R

    Seeking Hikvision IP Camera / Mac guy in San Fernando Valley area

    Hi All, I'm new here, an end user, DIY type looking for an installer near my location who is both Hikvision IP AND Mac fluent. After trying and failing with local installers, I found a guy who was capable but I lost his contact info. Since that successful set-up my camera has been hacked...
  22. andymccall

    Lost password for DS-7204HWI-SH

    Hi, I've moved into a house with a DS-7204HWI-SH NVR connected to three cameras running firmware V3.14build 150430. While the system is old, it does the job and I don't really want to replace it yet. The person who sold me the house has lost the password. I've contacted HIKVISION USA and UK...
  23. Evelinamber

    Password Reset

    So I bought this Hikvision DS-CD2332-I turret camera but I can't see to make it work. I need to reset the password. Does anyone know of a website/software I can use?
  24. B

    DVR 7616HI-ST - Admin password

    Morning everyone - I am brand new to the CCTV world and reaching out to this forum out of frustration. I bought a second hand DVR 7616HI-ST and 6 new DS-2CD2022WD-I camera, cable, network switch. During my "struggle" to activate the ip cameras, I started to experience password issues. I then...