network abnormal

  1. S

    Odd Issue with Dahua Camera

    Hoping someone has some insight into this....but my hopes are not high!! I have several IPC-HDBW4433R-ZS camera's around the exterior of my house connected via Cat6 and POE. The hardest one to get to (of course) started having an issue where it was dropping offline. I would reseat the NIC in...
  2. M

    Hikvision NVR "network unreachable error".

    Model #- DS-7108NI-Q1/M Version- 4.71.007 Build- 220705 I was facing issues with hik-connect app. So I reset the NVR to factory defaults and now I my IP cameras are not visible on my display. They're visible in the online device list but as soon as I add them the green ticks turn to red giving...
  3. Pseudomizer

    One Camera has 2 different IP addresses in same subnet?

    Hi guys, I purchased an outdoor cam 6 months ago on Amazon "5MP PTZ Security Camera Outdoor, CKK 5MP Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom (4xDigital) IP Camera with 64GB SD Card Human Detection, 2 Way Audio, Color Night Vision, Floodlight & Siren Alarm". This camera is now no longer available. My UDM Pro...
  4. First_blood_abc

    Network Resource Usage of NVR ridiculous high

    Hi, I've bought a NVR, model DS-7616NI-K2/16P, after set up, connect to 5 POE IP cameras and 1 wireless camera, and use for a few days. I notice that after 1-2 days, I can't use Hik-connect to live view the camera, the app stuck on loading camera image. After a NVR reboot, everything works...
  5. Daniel2018


    Hi, I seriously need assistance on this, as you may Notice I am a newbie and trying to run the system in my house, I will explain as much as I can. I have a 16 port 32 ch nvr, got it a while ago with 14 cams, everything was really plug-and-play until i decided recently to add more cameras at...
  6. I

    Weird "network abnormal" error message - help please

    I’m hoping there's a guru somewhere out there who can shed light on a weird problem. Background: I have multiple IPcams from various manufacturers including Hikvision DS-2CD2332-1 and over the years have routinely configured using Mac Safari, that is until now. I just got a new Hikvision...