1. minkos

    IVMS-4200 receiving data from server (10)

    When trying to connect to the camera, an error appears - receiving data from server HCNetSDK.dll (10). Everything is fine on the second computer. The programs have the same versions, but I also tried to change
  2. D

    Intrusion detection events when continuous recording

    I have an DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL indirectly connected to a DS-7616NI-I2 NVR via LAN. The camera is set to continuously record 24x7 on the NVR. What I would like to have happen is, from 9pm to 6am, when an intruder is detected, the strobe light comes on, and the detection is highlighted when I...
  3. O

    Does hikvision ivms4200-lite come with a 15 cloudp2p connection limit?

    So i have about 40 or so NVR's on separate remote locations, each DVR has 8 cameras. I first tried ivms4200 but found that it runs extremely slow on my older PC, I have since been using the IOS version of hik-connect to view all the streams from the NVRs. I recently found ivms4200 lite and was...
  4. B

    IVMS 4200 causing my PC to spontaneously shutdown

    My IVMS 4200 has not worked for a while, so I uninstalled it, repaired the registry and reinstalled the latest version. Wow the picture quality is so much better than logging into the NVR and it is very responsive. My custom view won't load for now, but at least it's working. But, the PC...
  5. F

    iVMS problem - one camera now highlighting every moving object in red brackets

    Somehow while setting up the cameras line crossing detection, I've managed to also make it track every in frame moving object with red brackets. I've tried reversing my steps, but I can't remove the brackets and so far google searching has been less than helpful. Any ideas on how to turn these...
  6. M

    iVMS-4200 needs a different username or password?

    iVMS-4200 finds my NVR-216-E/16P and IPC-D220-IZ, as does SADP. However, after I Add them it says that they're Offline and hovering over that text says the password is incorrect: "Incorrect password. You still have 4 chances. Please try again". I'm using the same user 'admin' and the same...
  7. J

    iVMS Gripes

    Hi guys, I just wanted to find out, are there much better alternatives to iVMS4200 and iVMS4500 possibly? Or is Hikvision planning a serious overhaul anytime soon and launch some updates hopefully? Is it me, or does iVMS gobble up tremendous resources on your windows 10 PC too? It takes...
  8. sydnew

    iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect for OEM IP CAM?

    Hi All, Is iVMS-xxxx, Guarding Expert App. Hik-Connect can only use by Hikvision/Hik OEM IP camera? they look like they have the same GUI and my NVR can connect to these APPs eventhough it is under Different Brand name.
  9. M

    HIkvision works on SADP and not able to open any browser (‏Pictures)

    Hello sir I hope you help me, As title says I installed software and able to see on SADP, it wont open anything in browsers. I tried wither Chrome, Mozzila, IE , Opera and iVMS-4200 Client . HIKVISION DS-2CD2T42WD-I5 This is some pictures:
  10. C

    Calling presets on Hik-Connect App

    Hi guys, I have a Hikvision NVR, DS-7604NI-K1/4P. We have 2 hikvision cameras and two 3rd party PTZ cameras connected to it. The PTZ cameras have a number of presets that we want to be able to call from the app. Is there a way to do this? I have read in the help page on the app that turning the...
  11. latropa

    Where to go for the official latest versions of Hikvision Firmware and Software?

    It seems like Hikvision software and firmware is spread out all over the place with more recent versions available on some sites but not others. For example, at Hikvision USA iVMS-4200 has as the most recent version but if I go to Hikvision Europe there is an even newer version...
  12. mgomespt

    Problems connecting intercom system to the Hik-Connect mobile app

    Not exactly an ip camera, but I'm getting desperate here so I thought I'd give the forum a try. This seems to be a very recent product line from HikVision suffering from poor documentation and little information over the web of other people's experiences...anyway I love my HikVision dome...
  13. J


    Hi all, I am very new to cctv cameras. As i needed a system i have purchased the DS-7608NI-E2/8P/A with a 4TB hard drive And some DS-2CD2142FWD-IS 4mm cameras and brackets. Very pleased with them The following is my basic understanding and a basic of how i have progressed with the system on...
  14. Z

    IVMS on T-Mobile with DDNS

    I have a 4 camera setup at home that I have access to via my iPhone on AT&T using the iVMS-4500 app. I am using synology as my dynamic dns provider and the setup has been flawless since installation. i recently purchased an iPad and am using T-Mobile for data. Using my iPhone settings, the iPad...
  15. ykosbie

    Stream only shows up in full screen mode, not in multiple screen mode

    I'm running i-VMS 4200 on Windows 7 64-bit connected to a DS-7616NI-SE NVR. The NVR has 6 cameras connected to it 3x DS-2CD2132F-I 3x DS-2CD2032-I Two of the DS-2CD2032-I "bullet" cameras do not show up when i-VMS is in multiple camera mode. They show the error message > "[My Camera Name]...
  16. D

    Hik 2CD2142FWD drops IR when connect to iVMS-4500

    Hi, I have been appreciating and learning a lot from this forum over the last weeks and it's now time for my first post. I've had a Hik DS-2CD2142FWD-IWS up and running for a few weeks with no major problems. It's the European/English version currently running firmware V5.3.3 build 150630. I...
  17. P

    Traffic from remote playback (iVMS-4200 and 4500) direct or via camera?

    Dear ip-cammers, I've tested my DS-2CD2032-I and used the iVMS-4200 software under Windows 10 and the iVMS-4500 under Android. The cam saves the recordings on a SAMBA mount on my Synology NAS. I tested the setup when the CAM was linked in my local network. I was suprised to find that playback...
  18. 0

    How to add more pages to the main view of HIKVISION IVMS 4200?

    How can I add more pages to the main view of HIKVISION Ivms 4200? I have around 90 cameras installed and when I drag the group to the main view it automatically sets up to show me 64 cameras(8 x 8) at the same time. Then I select the default view as 4 screens but it shows me only one page, I was...
  19. I

    Hikvision NVR DS-7616 & iVMS Substream

    Hi Everyone, I have 6 Hikvision cameras. 3 have FW V5.2.3 and 3 have V5.2.5. The NVR has V3.0.10. Problem is: When using the iVMS app I cant choose fluent mode for the streams on all but one of the cameras. The only options available is Clear (Main Stream) and Custom (Editing the main stream.)...
  20. L

    High FPS displayed within Blue Iris like NVMS/iVMS?

    I am looking at purchasing Blue Iris, but have some questions before I decide to do so. Summary / Current Problem: I have been an iSpy user in the past and have had my 11 Foscams configured to take screenshots on movement detection (stored locally). I have the iSpy application being displayed...
  21. A

    ivms 4500 hikvision

    hi all, have changed my mobile Phone by a new one. did make back up of old Phone before changing to new Phone. reinstall done of all the apps included ivms 4500 he did all fine accept the data(more than 60 hik site's) in ivms is there anyone who know which file of android (with the site data)...
  22. C

    Hikvision NVR - Unable to record to HDD

    I have a newly installed Hikvision CCTV System and am falling at the final hurdle with it's set up. Please help. NVR: DS-7832N-E2 (firmware v3.3.1) (encoding v5) Cameras: DS-2CD2032-I I'm using IVMS 4200 v1.02.01.03 to manage the configuration. The cameras are successfully installed using...
  23. T

    iVMS-4520 Slow alert notifications..

    Hi All, I have a DS-7108N-SN/P (Chinese) with 3.0.10 Build 141201 (with English) and 4 Hikvision cameras, all working fine. I'm trying to setup alerts via iVMS-4520 (v4.0.0 Build 20150513) and enabling Notify Surveillance Center on the NVR, everything appears to be working fine except that...
  24. C

    IVMS-4200 Server and multiple desktop clients (Windows/OSX)

    Hello, I just started to read here a few weeks ago, and decided to purchase some HikVision cameras based on the feedback read here. I purchased 5 2332 and a Gigabyte Brix i5. I installed the cameras and everything went well. I also installed IVMS 2.3.13 Build 20150416 on the Brix, with the...