1. M

    Configuring Date/Time

    When I first setup my 5231 cam 2 years ago, I think I just used "Sync PC". I think this changed and it was off by 20 years! What settings do you use? Do you favor a certain name server? Thanks, R
  2. M

    How to change from PAL to NTSC?

    I have a 5231 turret cam, and I see that it is set to PAL and I want to change it to NTSC. Can you help me change this? Thanks, R
  3. M

    Why does the Dahua firmware upgrade process suck?

    The procedure for Dahua firmware upgrades really sucks. Jumping through the hoops..... 1) locate the firmware and DL; 2) Log into cam GUI; 3) save config; 4) reboot cam; 5) install new firmware; 6) factory reset; 7) find your cam on a subnet you are not normally using; 8) update settings...
  4. bigoliver

    Water damaged connector, fixed. Dahua

    Just sharing in case it helps others. How I broke my IPC-HDW5231R-Z I decided I wanted more cameras after running a single cable to the side of my home, so I followed the cliff notes idea of using a POE powered switch. The POE switch was housed in an "off the shelf" waterproof enclosure...
  5. roycantos

    5231ZE cannot read license plate even in day time.

    Hi, Bought 5231 from Andy. I put the cam at 7 feet, and the car is just 7 meters away from camera but I cannot read the license plate. I have the hated reolink 511, and i can read the license plate. Guys, can you check the attached picture if my 5231 is ok... seems blurred and out of focus...
  6. S

    Will this POE switch power the Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z

    Hi guys and gals, I'm looking at buying this POE switch - Mikrotik CRS112-8p-4s-in to power (for now) one Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z, and a few more in the future. If i order the switch i cannot return it, so my question is will it power the above metioned camera? Thanks in advance
  7. M

    HDW4433C-A, a risky proposition?

    Okay, I know I'm going to need and want a few 5231s, however the HDW4433C-A is a third of the cost. I don't know much about this cam either than it looks like the previous version of the 5231 cosmetically. I see it being sold for as low as $48 delivered and it has audio too! Please help me to...
  8. G

    Recommendation IPC-HDW5431R-ZE vs 5231

    Hi everyone, I am looking to probably buy a 5431 or 5231 ZE, looking through all thread that is what seems to be the logic choice for my needs, I have one on Empire on Aliexpress (the 5231) at 214 Canadian Free shippinf DHL and the 5431 on Shanzen Ancotech) at 206 canadian Free shippinf DHL My...
  9. just some dude

    Is this IR reflection?? 5231 varifocal

    Disclaimer, I plan on using this 5231 varifocal at full zoom. As you can see, under zero zoom, there is considerable IR blasting the soffit above. At full zoom, the camera lens is further towards the glass making the glare pretty bad. I think if I tilt the camera down a bit I may reduce the...