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    Vehicle-mounted remote for thermal monocular on the cheap.

    Experimenting with a remote-controlled 2-axis gimbal, fitted with a thermal monocular, for hunting purposes. I like to use a remote-mounted thermal monocular for scanning, whilst hunting. The monocular streams live to a display in the vehicle. Ordinarily, I have manually maneuver the monocualar...
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Dahau M60 Thermal Monocular Here is some very hard-to-find test footage of the Dahua M60 (640x512) Monocular.
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    Review- VTO2301R-P 2mp Door Station/Doorbell Dahua/Empiretech

    Great work, thanks!
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    The problem with sharing thermal footage is the quality of the exported footage. I have to export @720x526. So the footage is not as good as what you experience in the field. Here's a sample of some of the footage we captured recently. The shooter for most of these targets, was a beginner, not...
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Dahua just launched its Outdoor product lines. As a keen thermal hunter, I've been lucky enough to add several thermal scopes and monoculars to my hunting kit over the last 6 months or so. I hunt 100% thermal these days, there's no going back, it's that good. The Dahua M Series (M20, M40,&...
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    Review: Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5842E-ZE-S2 - 8MP / 4K Vari-Focal Bullet Cam

    Thanks for the review. Looks like we are both using the same video editing program. It's pretty awesome. :)
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Yes, it's been a bit frustrating to find the "one" that ticks all the boxes. Hikmicro has the New Gryphon Monoculars & Panther Scopes that have Laser range finders built in. The Gryphon features Bi-Spectrum Fusion (IR & Thermal combined) looks very interesting. Just throw in some onboard...
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Yes, so lucky, really can't wait. Initially will be testing an LH19 Monocular and TQ50 scope. This TQ50 scope looks like it going to be pretty versatile. Can use it as a scope, clip-on and monocular, and it has a 640x sensor...
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    Starlink satellite internet

    My heart goes out to anyone who is still waiting. Heard a lot of people who were due for a delivery date of mid/ to late 2021 may have to wait another 12 months!!! Starlink Signed up 1st September 2020 order confirmed & Shipped 7th/8th October 2021.
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    Starlink satellite internet

    haha Yes. Zerotier was the best option.
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    Hunting & Hikmicro - thermal scopes (Hikvision)

    Hey Guys, It is amazing how fast the outdoor thermal market has been moving. Both the Monoculars and scopes have been under heavy and rapid development. I've been watching HikMicro and other companies' offerings expand over the course of 2021, and I'm ready to take the plunge. Full disclosure...
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    Starlink satellite internet

    Loving Starlink internet signed up early beta and have had Starlink for several months now. The only issues I have encountered have been related to CGNAT. I can't even recall what workarounds I had to implement to get around this. It was a bit messy, but works ok now.
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    Blue Iris keeps crashing

    Earlier today enabled H/W acceleration (intel+VPP) on a camera, to reduce CPU usage. (Must have missed it in the initial setup). I didn't realize I had the camera set to H265 encoding and I had a WTF moment when BI tools would start BI then it would crash. I watched it cycle through a dozen or...
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    Dahua Starlight 40x PTZ - SD6AE240V-HNI

    Most of my Stats were lost/reset a little while ago. The note-worthy stats that remain: 7.6 Million Focus motor Direction Switches 19 Million Iris switch times This is still my favorite PTZ. It has been super reliable and has a beautiful image day and night. My only regret is that more people...
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    EmpireTech 6 Years Anniversay Promotion Plan

    Hahaha You can't ask that....My guess over 10,000 units give or take a million or two. :P