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    Fair enough. Agree with that...
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    Surveillance Station Installation Start

    Is that a Dell XPS? Which model?
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    Hikvision install (DS-2CD2542FWD-I/2.8 DS-2CD2332-I IR 2.8/DS-2DE5220I-AE)

    Had to smile when I read "meterkast"...
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    Hikvision install (DS-2CD2542FWD-I/2.8 DS-2CD2332-I IR 2.8/DS-2DE5220I-AE)

    Very clean install. And nice Golf GTI!
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    That was for two cameras recording in 1080p 20fps 4096 Kbps.
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    Hey from Bristol, UK.

    Welcome. It's not exactly plug and play, but I've got it down now where I can set up cameras to be fully operational in less than 30 seconds. Once you download the right tools, such as SADP, it's really not that difficult.
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    Software just to VIEW my cameras?

    Which cameras do you have? I have Hikvision cameras, and use Sighthound for recording and then just the iVMS software to view the live feeds.
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    Absolutely. The iOS application is 100% optional. My previous PC was a ten year old OptiPlex 755 with a Quad Core processor and 4GB of RAM. CPU utilization was in the 70%, but it worked just fine.
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    truck theft tvi

    So this is managed service where your company remotely watches the security cameras live?
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    AMP Security Sales

    I'm impressed by the quality of this camera. Damn. Super sharp!
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    Bad driver bends my bumper

    Sorry to see your van was damaged, but their van was off a lot worse!
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    Car crashed into pole

    I have Sighthound and can confirm... it's Sighthound!
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    So I've been using Sighthound for close to a year now, and can safely say I've been impressed with it. The actual application might not be anything fancy to look at, but the AI works very well and the their iOS app does a great job. I recently purchased a new PC, and it's gotten even better.
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    Skylake i7 Dell refurb machines $552 today

    I've been looking as well. Some nice machines out there. I'm definitely up for new desktop!
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    Big thanks to milkisbad from LTS!!!

    Milk is the man! Placed my second order with them on Monday. He sent me the paperwork, then called me to go over everything before he actually pushed the order through. TOP SERVICE!