Hikvision/ezviz firmware


Aug 17, 2021
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Hi, I've got an Ezviz X5C-8 DVR and a couple of C3Ws cams.

I've got root on the DVR and I'm interested if anybody knows how the core software on it works (hicore, I think). As far as I can tell it's basically identical to the normal one bundled with other hikvision products but with certain features such as the web interface stripped out.

I can tell quite obviously how the basics work - it reads the RTSP streams from the cameras, provides an interface by writing to the framebuffer, and writes to a proprietary fileystem format, but I was wondering if there's anything else known? For example, is motion detection done via the the NVR, or by the cameras the the NVR receives the communication? Is there any easy way to tell via the shell of the NVR if there's been a motion alert?

I'm also interested if there's any known information about the proprietary protocol used by hikvision to control certain features of their cameras - namely how the alert/strobe system works. I was wondering if the strobe can be repurposed as a sort of light (or would keeping them on not be possible with the hardware)?

Thanks, hopefully there's some knowledge floating around somewhere :)