Beoculus Now Available


Sep 23, 2014
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I wanted to quickly check in on all of my foscam cameras while I was in front of a laptop or PC away from home. I wanted a program that securely logs into all of my cameras at once. I couldn't find a software solution that I was happy with so I created Beoculus.

You can buy it on Amazon:


* Supports most MJPEG and H.264 based IP cameras – now supporting rtsp streams(e.g. foscam FI9821W)
* Searches local network for UPnP, Zeroconf and Foscam discovery protocol enabled cameras, supports connection to cameras across the Internet or on your LAN or both at the same time
* Quickly close and restore multiple camera view windows at once, toggle audio and camera views on and off as desired
* Pan motorized cameras easily with fade away edge buttons
* No restrictions imposed on the number of cameras that can be added
* Automatically logs into added cameras with securely encrypted passwords, saves and restores the placement and size of each camera view
* Add any alias you desire to appear in the camera view windows
* Camera view windows can be moved by clicking and dragging anywhere on the view
* Double clicking will toggle the view to full screen and back for quick closer inspection
* Audio monitoring can be toggled for all views

I have posted some video tutorials and show cases at
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