wireless ipcam

  1. L

    cannot connect LaView B9 wireless IP camera to BI

    Hi everyone, I am very new to BI, so new that I'm running the trial version just to make sure that the cameras I already have will work with the software before I commit to buying it. I have a few La View wireless IP outdoor cameras. Prior to buying, the reviews mentioned that these can connect...
  2. cronus98

    Wireless indoor dev-friendly cameras

    hi guys, i'm looking for a wireless camera for indoor use, and the options i've found thus far are pretty abysmal. i'd love some recommendations! what i need: -wireless -HD (preferably 1080p+) -RTSP or other open protocols (i'm a dev and want to write software to do things like timelapse video...
  3. reneee

    Newbie wants wireless security system

    Newbie needs help! I have read a few posts on this website and I understand that the general advice is to stay away from wireless solutions. We want a system urgently for a 1970s house we bought, and not in the situation to run wires as of now. I am at a point where I need a wireless/wifi...
  4. G

    IP camera suggestions (no UPNP)

    Hello everyone, I was hoping that I could get some assistance in finding a wireless IP camera to use in our small business. Most cameras that i have borrowed to test have came with install wizards and required UPNP to be enabled. What im looking for is a wireless IP (at least one model...
  5. E

    Wireless Outdoor Cameras Recommendations?

    Im an IT tech so i understand the pitfalls of wireless. I've messed with foscams in the past. With my current camera setup, once I went hikvision, I cant look back to anything less. I've got family in another state looking to install a camera on his detached garage. I was looking for something...
  6. I

    Best Wireless 1080p Camera?

    Does anyone have recommendations for a wireless 1080p Camera? Ideally, I'd like one with a sensor and IR. Thank you.
  7. TonyR

    Blue Iris & iPhone4 with ipCam App

    I'm not sure where to post this or if anyone else has done this so here goes. I have a unused iPhone4 with no cell service that will, of course, surf the 'net via WiFi. I already had the ipCam app on it from SKJM and use it often with a gooseneck suction cup mount on the tailgate of my Ford...