wifi camera

  1. S

    Direct Camera to PC not working via Ethernet onvif 2.4 complain Pan Tilt ip camera ( Care Cam ).

    I recently bought a chinese Wifi PT camera branded as CareCam (Model No. WIFI-TF-PTX (10X)). There is a dedicated app for the camera known as carecampro on playstore which works fine. Camera can also be connected to PC via WIFI or rj45 cable using a wifi router . I want to connect this camera to...
  2. David L

    WiFi Jammers (WiFi Cameras are a bad choice for Surveillance)

  3. R

    Replace Motion Sensor with Camera

    We have a motion sensor in the garage that is placed in a bad spot for home automation purposes but ideal for a camera. The motion sensor points toward the garage door and the side door (good for security) but away from where we enter the garage which is what I want to monitor for home...
  4. bertsirkin

    Alternative to Wyze cameras that work with Blue Iris

    I have a few locations I currently have Wyze cameras. The Wyze cameras haven't been very reliable plus, I can't view them in Blue Iris, and would like to. I have HikVision wired cameras now, but have some locations where I can't easily run cable to and am looking for a wifi camera that has the...
  5. Jason Zhu

    Need help with dahua product IPC-WL46A

    I Just received a dahua product sample: IPC-WL46A and need some help about how to install it? Until now I have never seen a camera like this with only three unknown wires on the back. (The cameras I saw before have ports, such as network cable or SIAMESE CABLE) Would anyone care to help me...
  6. MiteyAV

    Outdoor LightBulb PTZ Onvif

    Does anyone have a functioning, outdoor, Onvif, ptz, lightbulb camera? There are so many for sale, but I don't want to go through the trial and return process looking for some that work. I understand the quality will not be first rate, but being able to cover a few select areas would we...
  7. T

    Besder 6004mw-xma201 wifi not working

    Has anyone using BESDER cameras from ali ? I have two cameras type 6004mw-xma201. After firmware update (online update from XMEYE app) wifi stopped working ... I didn't wrote factory installed firmware and now I don't know which version should I use. BESDER support is useless, from 03.01.2022...
  8. TundraCam

    Camera for end of 1000' driveway ? WiFi? Ethernet? Other?

    We have about an 800' driveway from an outbuilding (w/ Ethernet Switch) to the road and given recent stolen mail incidents we are thinking a camera down there wouldn't be a bad idea. We do have 120v power at the road end. It is somewhat heavily treed. This is MN so temps of -20°f are common in...
  9. C

    Hikvision cameras - "Wi-Fi connection with Hik-Connect directly is not possible"

    So far I have used Hikvision Wifi cameras with 2 and 4 Mpx (DS-2CD2021G1-IDW1, DS-2CD2041G1-IDW1) because the wifi connection to the Hik-connect platform was very convenient. For a while, the same camera models can no longer connect via Wifi to the Hik-connect platform, only via cable on LAN...
  10. M

    Looking for specific WiFi cameras

    Hello to everyone, I am searching for WiFi surveillance cameras with these specific features: They are working on battery power (no cables - only for charging) They support standard protocols like ONVIF or RTSP I was searching for the products but it seems that all cambers of this type do...
  11. tinyone8

    In search of outdoor camera for private club with the following requirements. Please help!

    I am asking for some help finding a very specific outdoor camera for our private club. privacy is a must, in regards to not being able to record audio of the members. Here it goes; a WiFi, battery powered, NO AUDIO, video camera that has access through an app. Doesn't need recording. For...
  12. B

    Recommendation for WiFi interior mounted window cam not for security purposes

    I have a number of security camera currently and am using Synology Surveillance Station and am very happy with my setup. I'm looking to install a WiFi camera facing out a window to look at the garden with the ultimate goal of image capturing to bring into a website. I'm currently using a...
  13. Arsal

    Camera with S3 Support

    Hi, I'm new to cameras and stuff and I've searched a lot but I'm still not sure what camera can fulfill my need. I have AWS S3 subscription and I need a wifi camera which doesn't need any computer/laptop to work. Once setup, I just need it to upload video recordings to S3 whenever motion is...
  14. wolfheart1981

    Ezvis Guard + set up help please?

    Hi, I have 2 x Ezvis wifi cameras conected to an ezviz nvr via lan, my problem is where in the earth do you turn on the siren and strobe light please, as the manual is useless and I cannot find any information anywhere on how to do this?
  15. neluttu

    Cannot connect WiFi IP Camera to NVR

    Hi! Cannot get this thing working ... Here's my setup: 1 internet ONT (router with fiber optics) with a WAN IP and a local network, DHCP enabled From the ONT -> one simple switch with 8 ports (damn ONT has only one network port). From this switch I have connected one Hikvision NVR...
  16. Yazen333

    Onboard Wifi camera

    Hey everyone, I would like to find wifi ip cameras that can be deployed in a vehicle and that communicate data over RTSP or in any other way that allows me to access it from a linux system.
  17. D

    Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera with RTSP and/or ONVIF

    I am looking for a specific type of doorbell camera, and I have not been able to find one that meets my requirements, which are: Draws power from existing doorbell wiring / does not require any additional wiring Has a button which, when pressed, will ring the existing doorbell Connects via...
  18. D

    WiFi Camera options where no wires are possible?

    I'm working with a most unreasonable person (my dad) who has a large log home built when thin-net was how you put together a network. All exterior and most interior walls are log, minimum diameter of 10". Floors are concrete substrate with hot water radiant heat built into the concrete. The...
  19. Slicknashville

    Hello......I'm new here and just getting started

    Hello All: I have been lurking for a few months and can now say I have already learned a ton from members here. I started with 2 1080 Amcrest Wireless PTZ cameras....I have high speed wireless and those two worked great, no lag, no problems whatsoever. One went upstairs and it can view my...
  20. L

    Walk about wifi camera?

    New to this. If I am in a Skype conversation, camera on, is there the ability to take the camera, put on headband, walk around house, and outside, and through the house WiFi, be sending images and voice to the computer, to the Skype connection? If so, what hardware to do this?
  21. G

    Seeking advice: wifi-camera under carport

    Hello everybody, First a word of excuse: i'm a complete n00b on security camera's (and on this forum). I'm looking for a camera for under my carport, but I'm really not sure what the best option would be. Do I (for instance) need a dome camera or a turret camera? My requirements:" -...
  22. M

    Multiple wireless cameras pushing images to an FTP instance

    Hi there, I'm working on a wireless solution that counts people coming in and out of a few separate locations. The setup so far is quite simple - an IP camera pushes a video when it detects movement to a live FTP instance where we process it. The people - counting algorithm is working well...
  23. A

    DLINK IP CAMERAS (DCS 930L, etc)

    Just wanted to share. I have been using inexpensive DLINK IP Cams for my Blue Iris system for years now. While they are not HD, these cheap WiFi cameras do help give you eyes where you need it. I use the DCS-930L type that also has Audio. If using WiFi, I highly recommend you have a good 2.4GHx...
  24. Fastb

    Wireless Camera - Use Wifi Access Point?

    All, My system: Dahau NVR4216 --> POE switch --> tbd WiFi box --> tbd wireless camera (eg: Reolink RLC-410WS 4-Mp) Should I use a WiFi Router or a WiFi Access Point? My concern: Will the wireless cameras be on a different sub-net if they're on the other side of a WiFi Router? Some cameras...
  25. J

    outdoor camera with 5GHz wifi and\or bluetooth connectivity

    Hi, I look for an outdoor camera with 5GHz wifi and\or bluetooth connectivity which has a SMA (or RP-SMA) port for connection of isotropic shot antenna (or have built-in omni antenna). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  26. W

    It was good for a week, now "no signal"

    Well, I just purchased BI and was happy. Now..hmm a bit frustrated. I am running a Zmodo WiFi 720P camera. I have a WiFi extender. The wifi signal is good and I can see live video directly from logging into the camera. Everything was working great until about 3 hours ago. My external IP is the...