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    VTO2000A + VTH1560BW - video issues when calling VTO->VTH, opposite direction is ok

    Hi all, I have following setup: Outside: VTO2000A - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Inside: VTH1560BW - firmware V4.300 (new one with SIP) Wired with CAT6 and CAT5 cable. After firmware upgrade I performed factory reset on both. Both see each other in terms of configuration, no apparent...
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    best IP camera ? + doorstation setup

    Hello IP camera experts I have been browsing the World Wide Web for a few days now to find the correct setup regarding IP camera surveillance. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and always try to find the right solution for an acceptable price. My basic setup consists of parts from the Dahua brand 2...
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    Dahua video IP intercom kit with Synology Surveillance station horrible sound

    Hi all, When i configure my kit, almost default except network, admin password and language all is working fine. However, when configuring Surveillance station (Synology 413j) to connect to my VTO2000A as a security cam. which is also working great, when i answer a door call it's not possible...
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    Dahua VTH1550CH - brick after firmware update?

    Hello, Yesterday i flashed the firmware "General_Overseas_VTH1510_Eng_P_SIP_V1.000.00.0.R.20170425.bin" on my "DH-VTH1550CH". After the successful update process, the VTH is booting to the "Welcome-Message" and than is coming a black screen. But a ping to the old IP address works fine. What...
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    Dahua VTH1550CH not powering up when connected to Dahua NVR (photos attached)

    Hi, I'm in the process of installing a IP video intercom. I have a Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 POE that I'm connecting the VTH1550CH but nothing happens. The screen remains black: Anyone has an idea why it doesn't work? Thanks