1. pschmehl

    SoftEther VPN Server

    My first post in this forum - http://www.snbforums.com/threads/need-advice-on-vpn-routers.34672/ - discussed my need to find a vpn router. My needs are very simple. I am the only user. I need to connect remotely to view and manage one security cam. When I connect, no one will be using the...
  2. J

    Need Help with OPEN VPN and DD-WRT

    Hi all, I've made the decision due to reading Nayr's posts about using a vpn and decided to go with OPEN via a router with DD-WRT firmware. Thanks Nayr first of all, I tried to message you but it wouldn't let me, but thank you for stressing the importance of using a VPN. Long story short, Ive...
  3. H

    Access DVR Live view from VPN

    Hello All , I have two Hikvision DVR (DS-7316HFI-SH & DS-7216HFI-SH ) ,from the local network i can access the dvr , watch the cameras , but when i'm using an SSL VPN ican't access the DVR neither watching the cameras , i lookup in all configuration parameters with no success . can you...
  4. J

    7716 NVR - Setup, general questions and VPN help

    Hi all, Just took delivery of my shinny new 7716 today as well as 6x2335 cameras. I am hoping this thread can help me learn what I need to get this working in a secure manor. Gear I have NVR - Hikvision DS 7716-E4/16P Cameras - Hikvision DS-2CD2335-I Modem - ASUS RT-AC68U Remote viewing...
  5. B

    Zyxel ZyWall firewall router worth the $

    Does anyone have any experience with using a Zyxel ZyWall firewall router? I would like to have a secure remote viewing connection and am wondering if a firewall router is necessary? If not, any recommendations on best way to set up secure remote connection or VPN? A Zyxel ZyWall USG50 is...
  6. C

    Help setting up DDNS/VPN behind a Verizon FiOS modem

    I have (4) Hikvision cameras (all four are model DS-2CD2332-I) installed and am using the iVMS software to record two cameras 24/7 and one camera to record (and e-mail photos) using the intrusion detection feature. I still haven't figured out why the "pre-record" doesn't work, but figuring...