1. E

    Want to replace Swann NVM with Camcet , adivce?

    Hi, setup: NVR NVR16-8000 Recorder: NVR16-8000 Cameras: NHD-880 (though the UI tells me it is NHD-850CAM) What I want: the NVR SW is ok, fancy line crossing , email notification, high quality.. but the mobile app, while connects for live view on wifi and remote, is junk for anything else...
  2. A

    Swann ONVIF

    My nvr has died. Swann SWNVK-873004-US, 8 Channel 3MP w/ 2TB NVR & 4 x 3MP Cameras. I won't be able to access or rewire the poe cameras so I'm looking at a GW 4108EP. What I don't know is whether the installed Swann cameras will work with the GW nvr. I would appreciate any advices. I do not...
  3. Moyeen

    Planning to buy NVR any suggestion and brand

    Planning to buy NVR any suggestion and brand? what I should avoid purchasing? Thanks
  4. M

    Install Swann IP POE camera on Hikvision nvr

    I am trying to get a Swann IP POE camera to work on a Hikvision nvr. I have tested the camera on Swann vrn-8580 and it tested fully working, I have also tested the Hikvision nvr with Hikvision camera and it is tested working. Technical Specs for Swann Camera Make: Swann Model: NHD-885MSB, 4K...
  5. T

    Adding non Swann IP cameras to a Swann NVR system

    Good afternoon everybody. I hope everyone is doing well during this time of madness. Please excuse my newbie question as I'm not the greatest with IP cameras. I have a buddy who has a Swann NVR and some of the cameras keep crapping out on him. Can I use any IP camera or is Swann Systems...
  6. 0x_0

    *SOLVED* Swann NVR softbricked after firmware update - Currently on uBoot console

    Good day all, Last week I went ahead and tried to perform a firmware update on my Swann NVR (SWNVR-87285H). The firmware failed to update and the system hung. After an hour, it rebooted and halts on the loading page. Oh dear. I've contacted support a number of times, and they've been no help...
  7. I

    NEW Swann cam with True Detect - Not detected on network - SWNHD-885MSB - No longer HIKVISION firmware

    Hi everyone, Last week I ordered one of the new Swann brand IP cameras from Costco, and it arrived yesterday, I unpacked it, hooked it up to my POE switch, and nothing. I could not get it working. I then did some searching here, and see many others have had the same problem. Seems Swann is now...
  8. I

    SWANN 4K cams - are they all 20 fps ?

    Hi there, Hopefully a good question, that SWANN refuses to answer ( through email, and all social media ). Do the new SWANN cameras that now have integrated are only recording video at 20 frames a second ? I purchased a Swann brand camera from Costco a few years ago ( without audio ) and the...
  9. S

    Swann SW-Viewcam (need to change language from Chinese to English)

    I picked up something called a Swann SW-Viewcam today (for $30 CAD) from a local retailer that sells a lot of "refurbished" electronics. The camera is spec'd at 720P and it looks like the older D-Link DCS-9XX cameras. It has an SD-card slot (which is nice). I see that it is referred to by...
  10. buggysharp

    Unable to access Swann Cameras.

    Hello all. I'm unable to access my swann cameras using blueiris. The first two images are from my DVR's settings. The next image is the settings for blue iris. If anyone could help me, I would be incredibly grateful.
  11. NVStrive

    Gday from Australia

    Hi Guys, noob to the forum im interested in running IP cams on NAS such as Synology surveillance as an alternative to using an NVR Company i work for sells Hikvision/Axis/Bosch/Pelco so im looking to use these Cameras (maybe their NVR's depending on proving the NAS setup as a no deal) ill...
  12. DanP

    Trouble Adding Swann NVR System to iSpy

    Hey guys, I use iSpy for 3 cameras at my office. I also have a SWANN NVR 8 camera system up at my lake house. I've tried, without success, to add the cameras to iSpy. I have the IP of the house. I also have port 9000 open and pointed to the internal IP of the NVR. Can't seem to get any...
  13. Tuba

    Need to buy Security Cams for NYC Apartment Building

    I’ve been researching for weeks but now need to make a decision. Apartment building in NYC, USA. Currently have a Swann set-up with about 13 cameras. NVR is at the front desk with a monitor and is accessible remotely over the internet. Need to set up another NVR with cameras at the roof level...
  14. M

    Swann NVR - 3rd party camera?

    My buddy wants to add an additional camera to his Swann NVR8-7300 system (it came with 4). Has anyone successfully (and happily) added a non-Swann camera to a Swann NVR8-7300? If so, what brand/model did you buy? Thanks very much.
  15. D

    SWANN SDA-446 issues

    Good Afternoon All. I have just purchased a SWANN SDA446 Cloud IP Cam. I have already started to regret it. I have set it up and its working great on the local network on my Android device but there are several issues. 1) On my browser I cannot see the feed from the camera, I can access the...
  16. W

    Swann NVR8 7300-Hundreds of motion notifications in email!

    I have installed the Swann NVR8 7300 and receive hundreds of motion notifications every day in my email. I have the sensitivity turned down to 50 (lowest) and have only a small section of each camera view blocked out for sensing motion. Swann has told me to set up a new email for the...
  17. W

    Swann NVR8-7300, Audible Alarm Issue

    I just purchased a Swann NVR8-7300 from Samsclub.com and received it timely. I installed it a couple of days ago and have been pleased with the quality of the product. HOWEVER, one feature is important to my wife -- an audible signal when motion is detected on any of the four cameras. I...
  18. L

    SWANN SWADS-466CAM firmware upgrade

    Just got a SWADS-466CAM and have bypassed all of the swann cloud stuff by finding the web interface with all of the internal goodies. However there are some quirky problems with the email event triggers and I usually always go and make sure that the firmware is updated on this kind of thing...
  19. F

    Unable to add USA Hikvision DS-2CD2132 to Swann/Costco 16-ch/8-Poe NVR

    I've been unsuccessful trying to add a USA Hikvision DS-2CD2132F-IS to a Swann 16-ch/8-PoE NVR, model CONV16-B3MP8C. The firmware of the camera is V5.3.0 build 151016 which is higher than the firmware on US website, V5.3.0 build 150513. This makes me wonder if I really have a USA version, so...
  20. B

    Swann ADS-466 password problems

    Hi guys. I have had my Swann ADS-466 camera for a week now and so far, I am impressed. However, a few days ago I upgraded the firmware to the lastest version: 2.1.11 Now I cannot log in to the web interface (ipaddress:85) using the default username/password (admin/12345) I have reset the...
  21. T

    Axis M3024 add to Swann CONVR-B163MP (Costco)?

    Howdy folks! I took advantage of the Costco bundle on the Swann NVR with 8 PoE IP 3MP cameras. So far, its doing what I want it to do. Happy with the purchase. BUT!!! I came across a smokin' good deal on a brand new Axis M3024-L Dome. Wow. (Talk about a step up in picture quality (and...
  22. E

    Swann system or peice together my own?

    I'm trying to decided between getting a Swann NVR4-7300 system or buying 4 hikvision DS-2CD2032-I cameras from some place like wrightwoodsurveillance.com and then buy a Hikvision NVR. If I go with option two is there a particular NVR I should buy? Wrightwood seems only have 2-3 models and...
  23. S

    Swann Camera compatibility

    I am attempting to connect 8 Swann SWNHD-805CAM cameras to Blue Iris. The only way I can get any image at all from them is to select the Swann Pro-Series DVR4-4000 (mobile Port). The issue I am experiencing is that Blue Iris will only show me 640x360 resolution at 4FPS. The cams should be...