motion alert

  1. A

    Motion Detection for a Dog

    Have some animal leaving giant piles of poop in my yard. Is there any recommendation on motion detection for a dog? Ideally I'd like an alert generated if a dog or a dog sized object is detected. I have IPC-T5442T-ZE on latest Blue Iris. Beginner to intermediate understanding of Blue Iris and...
  2. johndball

    I forgot how to configure Alerts for motion

    Hey y'all, I guess old age is setting in and my CRS is getting worse. That's not a good sign for mid-30's! :( I upgraded BI a few weeks ago and noticed that my Alerts, which previously kept a 10 second pre-buffer for motion, is now nearly empty with no new alerts. This is a useful feature...
  3. K

    Last Watch AI - a new platform-independent AI tool with web interface

    Introducing Last Watch AI akmolina28/last-watch-ai is yet another open source tool for glueing Blue Iris to Deepstack AI, inspired by gentlepumpkin's AI tools. I created this tool last year to address some of the gaps and frustrations I was experiencing with the other Deepstack tools...
  4. mcarson75

    Motion detection troubleshooting

    I recently bought a couple of Reolink cameras and set up the evaluation version of BI x64. The cameras are streaming at 5 MP, 20 fps. I'm having a really hard time tuning the motion detection. In short, none of the settings seem to be having any effect - especially the minimum...
  5. N

    AI motion detection with BlueIris: an alternate approach

    Note: I will no longer be providing release updates or responding to questions on this thread. If you would like to stay up-to-date on releases you can subscribe to release notifications on the github project. For support open a github support issue. A few weeks ago I came across The Hook Up's...
  6. M

    Not recording long enough

    Running Foscam and latest version of BI. The problem Im having is this: The video recording is cutting off too soon. Example: I have landscapers that I want to record. They are working in 1 area for 5-10 minutes. Cameras will record for about 20 seconds and then shut off recording even...
  7. AdySan

    Any BI motion trigger tricks to avoid triggering on car lights?

    This camera happens to be in an unfortunate location. I’m using zones to block out cars themselves but there are a lot of false triggers due to their lights. Any BI tricks that can avoid/reduce triggering in such situations?
  8. RichardTodd

    Motion Detection

    Hi, I have three cameras set-up to monitor my cabin in a wooded area. On a sunny day when the wind is blowing the shadow from the trees will set-off the motion detectors. Is there a setting in the software or someway I can have the motion detection ignore the shadows? Thanks, Rich
  9. patrocle

    How to see the motion bar on a recording clip?

    Hello Friends, So i have all the cameras recording 24 hours in BI, Now, i used to have on this bar: Some lines to what ever specific times that the motion was trigger! How do i get those motion lines back? My cameras are set to record 24 hours, and then starts the next 24 hours, but if i...
  10. M

    Please recommend cameras for this BI setup

    Hi, I finally decided to go with Blue Iris and would like your suggestions on the good but not overly expensive cameras that will fit the following requirements: - good video recording quality (day and night) - trigger a motion alert and send notification via iPhone app - trigger a noise alert...