1. R

    WTS GW Security GW7808NP 8-port POE Smart NVR and large dome cameras 4K 8MP Onvif

    1x GW Security GW7808NP 4K 8MP NVR, built-in 8 POE ports, with 4TB WD purple drive pre-installed (only a few hours powered on, under WD warranty til 05/2024). Unused in original box, all accessories included. $230 $200 shipped. All cameras supports Onvif protocol. 6x GW8172MIC, 8MP large 5.5"...
  2. O

    Needing a quick answer please. Sorry for such a question

    I need an 8 channel nvr with hard drive installed and 4 good dome cameras POE. can anyone recommend a good all around setup for $800-$1000. Ive read and read and so many brands and many seem the same 4k looks good but is it more practical to get more 1080 cameras that are cheaper to cover more...
  3. P

    Recommendation on a 8mp dome indoor with audio

    Hi all, I currently have the DS-2CD2542FWD-IWS in the place I am looking for the new dome. It is for a dining room where audio is imporatant. BTW if anyone knows why I cant get audio out the 2542 I would be made up to hear! I have video and audio on main stream selected but no joy?! cheers
  4. J

    Hikvision Setup Help

    Im after a bit of help with my Hikvision setup. Im trying to get my cameras the smoothest/best quality picture I can. Ive got one dome - DS 2CD2142FWD-I and two bullets - DS2CD2042WD-I. The NVR I have is DS-7604NI-K1/4P Any help with settings would be greatly appreciated. I understand each...
  5. S

    Advice for fixed dome cam with MJPEG stream without user/password

    Hello! I am searching for a rather small (about 10 cm / 4 inch in diameter) fixed dome camera which provides a MJPEG stream without authentication. I have an AXIS M3007-P which is providing the stream without user/password but sadly it's too bigfor my three other places. And I don't find...
  6. F

    Looking for IP dome camera 2.1mm

    Hi and thanks in advance. I'm trying to source a 2.1mm wide angle lens IP dome camera that is Hikvision / Onvif compatible. A number of retailers refer to 2.8mm as wide angle, but that isn't particularly wide compared to 2.1mm. This is to upgrade an existing analogue 2.1mm dome camera. The...
  7. martin.b07

    Misted dome inside

    Hi My newly mounted IPC-HDBW5831 has a problem with mist. This is my mounted cam, hopefully you can see the mist. I have to mention, that we are around 0-5°C and at night we are below 0°C. My weather app tells me a relative air humidity of 90%. Here are screenshots of the record (time...
  8. S

    Hikvision DS-2CD2112-I IR issues?

    Hi all, I've had 6 of these cameras for about 5 years. The picture quality is good during the day, but in the evening it's very poor. I only realised a while after purchasing that dome cameras have inherent issues with nightvision IR. Apart from (this significant issue) the cameras have been...
  9. Betablocker

    Searching PTZ for 24/7/365 PTZ

    Hey Ho! I am looking for an outdoor PTZ dome camera from HIKVISION (HV). It's about a web attraction for a hotel as a webcam with a camera ride (guard tour). I have only worked with AXIS, SONY or Hanwah aka Samsung. I still lack the feeling for the HV cameras. I would be very grateful for help...
  10. S

    Dome versus Turret?

    I prefer Dome, we live in an area that is still being developed, with large open spaces, very high winds, and lots of dust blowing. Dome sounds better to me in this scenario. I'm concerned the dust might get into some of the gaps I see in the turrets. Everyone I call for buying and...
  11. C

    Objects far away not in center with 0 tilt (or -5 tilt)

    So I installed my very first IP cam yesterday, a DS-2DE4A220IW-DE But there is something, probably very obvious, about the tilt geometry that I just can't wrap my head around. Why isn't an object 2 km away, that is the exact same height as the camera, not in the center of the picture, when...
  12. djkprojects

    Is Hikvision DS 2CD2155FWD an EXIR Camera?

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting the Hikvision DS 2CD2155FWD Dome camera however I'm confused as to whether it is an EXIR or not. When I look at US Hikvision site it clearly mentions EXIR but the UK site has no mention of that despite being same number. Are they different models? Also, where is...
  13. B

    Hikvision Mini Dome - Better low light?

    I've got a Hikvision mini dome installed that I'm trying to figure out if I can get better color night images out of. It is a 4mp 2.8mm DS-2CD2542F. The 1st image below is from the Hikvision and the 2nd is from a Skybell doorbell camera. I was surprised that the Skybell image looks so much...
  14. camcam

    Self Destruct by Condonsation

    Is it possible to repair a Dahua W-IPD3200C that has been exposed to water? These are advertised as outdoor cameras but they self destruct under certain circumstances. I have had two cameras develop condensation inside the dome. Enough was created to drip down and kill the camera. I thought that...
  15. Alex Wilson

    Outdoor dome camera over wireless?

    We want to install a camera on a light pole, preferably a dome, so I have two questions. 1. What are some great cameras that will work with our Hikvision NVR? I believe our newest NVR, we have two, can go up to 12MP(NSN-7324K-16P). The camera would be covering a wide area at a depth of up to...
  16. C

    Camera recommendations

    Hi, I'm new to surveillance systems and I'm trying to setup IP cameras for my home. I've run PoE cat5 cables all over the home (6 locations including door and garage) and now I'm searching for cameras + nvr. Past posts suggest Hikvision and Dahua are best. Only Dahua seem to be available on...
  17. smith288

    Sricam AP006 Outdoor Dome Camera

    I purchased a Sricam AP006 Outdoor Dome camera on ebay to replace an out of date Insteon IR only (no cut lens) indoor PT camera that I had underneath the porch over hang. I've read a bunch about this Sricam after I bought it (should have done it before but alas) and it's got great hardware but...
  18. N

    Some help with a decision

    Hey folks, I am new here and this is my first post. Some back story, I am installing a camera system for a shop that sells snakes and stuff and they currently have 16 analog cameras, they are looking to add an additional 16 IP cameras. I know Blue Iris supports analog and IP and I am not sure...
  19. T

    Suggestions for IP Dome Outdoor Cameras?

    Hi Guys- Help needed for suitable IP Outdoor Dome Cameras? Hi Guys, Just found your forum which is great as I need to source some Dome IP outdoor cameras and not sure what to get? I had a couple of inexpensive IProbot cameras mounted semi-externally on my garage which worked well until they...
  20. T

    Possible condensation

    Hi everyone. I have an Axis P3364-LVE mounted under a soffit on the third floor and it seems to have condensation or something of that sort. I was reviewing the night footage and saw it very apparent from 10pm to around 1130am. Other than the blurry circle that appears and slowly shrinks, the...
  21. B

    Cant Connect UNIFI POE Cam(s) to BI

    Hello all, I am new to this site but need some help. I have 2 Unifi Dome POE cams that were working fine up until google decided that I could not connect to the UBNTVIDEO NVR anymore due to an SSL trust. So in my panic and not knowing this was googles doing, I removed the UBNTVIDEO NVR and...
  22. RyanODan

    Hikvision 2CD2132F-IWS Now Available!

    Call me to save a few bucks on this cam Ryan - 918-532-6522
  23. N

    Dahua SD42212SN-HN 1080P Mini PTZ Dome Review

    Here's my latest review on the Dahua SD42212SN-HN 1080P Mini PTZ Dome. » Dahua SD42212SN-HN 1080P Mini PTZ Dome Review Network Camera Critic
  24. B

    Get another camera or is this just settings?

    There has been some car break-ins and my neighbor across the street just had a home evasion. So I am trying to spruce up my camera system a bit. Well at least one camera. The camera in the pictures below is a Digimerge (now flir) 2mp HD mini dome Poe-IP camera with a single IR. I would like to...
  25. D

    WTS 2 Dahua HDB4300F-PT for sale

    Howdy, I have 2 Dahua IPC-HDB4300F-PT camera's for sale. $175.00 each / free ship Dahua 3mp small dome pan/tilt camera Dahua IPC-HDB4300F-PT spec sheet Opened box, operates fine, but I need IR.:sad2: Manufacturer: Dahua Model: IPC-HDB4300F-PT build date: 12-2014 firmware: V2.420.0005.0.R...
  26. J

    Removing the Dome

    So I have an outdoor Hikvision camera. I have it installed under an eve. Would removing the dome damage the camera in anyway? I don't need it to be vandal proof as it is on the 2nd floor......... Thanks