1. S

    Help setting up a small system

    I'm brand new to security camera setups so bear me. I started researching the topic a few weeks ago, and I couldn't find the answers to my questions, so I came here for help. I want to set up a small 2-3 camera setup in a isolated section of my warehouse that is local only, I dont need or want...
  2. person0

    Small camera under the mailbox

    As part of the setup at my new house, I was thinking that a simpler method to get quality license plate readings would be to mount a low profile camera upside down under my mailbox, and to use ground burial rated cable to link it up. In considering this there are three issues that come to mind...
  3. A

    Have a nice sunny day

    I wish to yo all a great day from where I'm now ITaly! My english is not good enough...I'll try to do my best. Do you know how can I change the user name because accidentaly I've used also my surname in it. Thank you a lot. P.s. Ah...I have to buy as soon as I'll be able to decide...

    Small Cheap POE IP camera (without virus payload :)

    So there's this massive thread here - Super-cheap POE IP Camera? - that talked ad nauseam about junky stuff that may or may not include extra bonus malware for your enjoyment but I'd love to see a discussion on what sort of semi-cheap and semi-good options are out there for really small POE...
  5. deltapapa

    Low-budget BI setup question

    I currently have three 2mp cameras and am looking for the lowest budget BI setup possible. I may add up to 3 more in the future. I am looking to get it off the ground as cheaply as possible and then finish it at a later date when finances are available. Below is a list of what I am looking for...
  6. sygad1

    Cheap PTZ recommendation please

    Hi All Want to try PTZ but not willing to commit very serious money to it at this moment. Anyone have experience of the Reolink RLC423, preferably connected to Blue Iris. Cheers
  7. S

    The lowest priced dahua 3mp cameras!

    If you have any questions or would like to expand your current security camera system feel free and give me a call. Remember for complete systems we offer great discounts! Steven Scott 918-710-3652
  8. G

    Best system to view varios cameras

    I have a project where there is currently 40+ IP cameras feeding into a high end (Geuterbruck) NVR. All that is running well. Now all they need is to add 2x 32" screens to show 8-12 cameras per screen just for viewing. I am thinking that we could use commercial screens with HDMI inputs, and...
  9. B

    Hello from New England

    I was curious about the IP cameras and noticed a link to this great forum on Garage Journal. Just getting a handle on the different options and models available before I get something. I know enough to stay away from the cheap ebay junk.