1. T

    First time installing CCTV...Have some questions.

    So I'm about to install CCTV for the first time and I have a few questions. I've got some flexible steel conduit which is coated in pvc. I'm planning on connecting this to a plastic junction box with nylon glands. I will connect two to three camera's through this junction box. I'm using...
  2. Bara1980

    Which epoe cable to chose

    I have nvr5216-16p-i /l and 9 poe camera berween 6mp and 8mp which poe cable i should use to connect the cameras to nvr. Max distance of cable is 40m for Indoor use only.
  3. M

    What Cat-6 cable do you recommend?

    I'm about to order some network goodies from Graybar, and I need more network cable. I have a box of 5E that will do gigabit but I wanted all new purchases to be Cat-6 or better. So, is there a certain brand or certain model of UTP Cat-6 cable that you prefer? Yes I will run POE: access points...
  4. saltwater

    Patch panels - which type

    I've been looking at Patch Panels and it seems like there are two types: 1. Cat6 hardwired to the back of the patch panel, basically fixed and in place, and 2. Cat6 terminated, then clicked into the back of the patch panel, making for easier removal and plugging into another port of the patch...
  5. M

    Feedback on Potential Blue Iris Server

    I am not certain this is the best place to post a couple hardware questions, but since I am genuinely new, I figured this the safest place for when I come across as in idiot. From the hardware Blue Iris (BI) wiki and Newbie Starter Guide, I started looking on eBay at better CPUs until I found...
  6. M

    Am I looking for an Ethernet cable that doesn’t exist?

    First post. Have learned a lot from you all, thanks. Background: I’m planning a system for my father’s rural cabin. It’s off the electrical grid. I just got some POE cameras and an NVR from Andy. Now I’m looking to order the cable. I found out about 22 AWG Cat5e cable and thought it...
  7. Dunn

    Cat5e length question

    Hey guys, trying to run 3 extra camera at outside locations away from the house. On poles looking over my property at various points of interest. On one of these runs, after walking the shortest route twice and counting in the inside wire length to the NVR, I'm right at 325 feet. My question is...
  8. ermac

    Using Cat cable for HDCVI + XVR - Advice?

    Hi, I am currently running RG59 coax cable for 9 Dahua Ultra series 2MP starlight cams. They are great cams! I am starting to pick up video signal issues (loss of signal, ground loop looking interference such as rolling lines etc) due to some of the cables that run under ground in conduit most...
  9. deltapapa

    Camera switches between color and IR... interference?

    I bought two of these covert IP cams: Online Shop 1080P 940nm IR 10m HD Realtime Wired Onvif PIR Style PoE IP Camera With Invisible IR Night Vision+Audio In,Onvif,P2P View | Aliexpress Mobile and installed them in my house with cat5e. One of the cameras wouldn’t quit switching between color and...
  10. Dunn

    Cat5e Fishing Advise

    Hello everyone, I've been browsing the site for a month now and just now created an account to post. I'm helping my mother install a 16 camera Lorex system in/outside her house. I've got a plan to place a majority of the cameras at around 8-10 ft on the soffit of the house that surrounds a...
  11. Mike K

    Fiber Continuity Instrument Recommendation?

    I have about 100' of underground OM4 multi-mode fiber optic duplex cable. I'd like to check to make sure it is OK before I hook it up to my switches. Looking at YouTube and Amazon there are many VFI, Visual Fault Indicators, that look like they might do the job, but I'm not sure of witch one...
  12. I

    Suggestions on ethernet cable

    Hi all, Long time lurker making his first post here. I have ordered four Dahua cameras from Andy. Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231R-ZE 800 meter capable ePOE So my question is: What kind of ethernet cable should I run around my house...
  13. F

    Running short distances of CAT6 outside the house

    Hi, when we had our house renovated I had CAT6 cable run to three exterior points around the house approximately where I planned to install security cams in future. The cables are coming from the inside of the house in an area under the stairs where they all meet and a hole was drilled at each...
  14. Mike K

    Underground fiber cable?

    I thought this was going to be the easy part but maybe NOT. I need a single multi mode LC to LC duplex fiber cable about 80' long, probably an OM3,or OM4. Approximately 30' goes underground. So naturally I start looking for an underground cable for the entire length. However, to my surprise...
  15. N

    POE powered hikvision 12v output possibiliities?

    I have DS-2CD3145F-IS and it is powered via POE, I need to get 6 ~ 12v out for microphone, possible in any way? if not, then I have to run power cable for camera. :D:cool:
  16. Mike K

    Cable for SFP switch port?

    I have a switch with 2 small form SFP combination ports which are supposed to support fiber cables. Looking at the cable supplier sites like, , for multimode duplex LC type cables, none of the cable ends, or fiber couplings, look like they would interface with the SFP port. I...
  17. Mike K

    Cable Colors

    Not that it maters a hole lot, but I've noticed that there seems to be some degree of continuity in the use of cable colors vs application. Are there standards involved or is it just my imagination. I see suppliers have a lot of cables with a lot of colors and the colors don't seem to have...
  18. B

    Home Run Cables - Need a solution

    I have a situation where it is becoming time prohibitive for me to run my cat6 cable all the way from my rack mounted switch to each camera on the other side of my attached garage. I am planning 4 cameras all on the outside. I am assuming I don't need make complicated home runs all the way...
  19. C

    Hello from Down Under (Australia).

    Hello everyone. I have been sniffing around this forum for a couple of weeks now and have learnt quite a bit. Over the past couple of weekends I have fitted 2 Hikvision bullet cams at home and routed the network cable through the ceiling and down to where the NVR will live. Today I fitted a...
  20. C

    Hi all Las Vegas

    Hello from Las Vegas, NV Any one else here in town..? Running XP - 3.0 Ghz with 3 Gig Ram Netgear CG4500BD N900 Cable modem. 2 Foscam FI9831W V2 1 FI8910W 1 FI9804P Blue Iris V4
  21. M

    Cat5e or Cat6 for IP Camera

    I would like your opinions on this cable question. I have a few IP cams (Hikvision DS-2CD2032-l) that I am installing. All runs will be under 100 feet and those cable runs will be 85% installed in a interior residential attic, the remaining 15% will be ran outside and above ground so I am...
  22. N

    DS-2CD2532F Pinout or color of Ethernet wires required

    Hello I did not secure the Ethernet port of DS-2532F and during rain - water seeped into it. Seems there was spark, and my PoE switch shutdown the power(Its a Nortel switch). Unfortunately, the pins of the socket got consumed in the park. The camera powers up(12V) but doesnot respond to...
  23. S

    Sound on Hikvision camera

    Hi I am not far off buying my first Hikvision POE camera. The model I would like is DS-2CD2632F-IS. I see the from photos of this camera for sale, there are 3 leads that come out it. One is obviously for the ethernet cable. However I would like to know what the other 2 are for? I guess one is...