1. R

    AI based alerts and Smartthings integration

    Hello members, I want to introduce my new mobile app that adds AI based object detection to your existing cameras. It's called aiwatch and available as an android app All processing runs locally on the device, so no cloud or privacy...
  2. juanev

    Snapshot Automation

    Hi everybody, We are using a DAHUA WiFi camera and we are visualizing it via SmartPSS. Our aim is to get automatically snapshots of the image each minute. We followed the steps given here However, the option to enable snapshots (the one in step...
  3. ozzywadd

    Automate the recording of manual tasks for quality control

    Hi All, I need to design a system where I can record hundreds of manual tasks in a fixed location each day for quality control. I already have a system that can create the request for the recordings to start and stop and it's important that when I start a recording I can pass the camera at...
  4. J

    Disable Interior Cameras When Home

    I have a few cameras inside the house, but I'd like to disable or pause the recording when either my wife or I am home. Is there some way I can do this? I have a SmartThings controller, which knows whether we are present or not based on our phone's locations and I also have an alarm system...
  5. technet

    Automated Trucks count and reports

    Automated vehicles/trucks count and reports We need to build a setup using Blue Iris with a Full HD IP Camera to count how many trucks passes in a single day, on the single track entrance of a company. Also, the company demands to get a printed daily report of how much trucks passed. Even...
  6. D

    Running Blue Iris at Startup -- some questions

    Ok, I've finally got my cameras running smoothly, and it's looking like I'll get around 40 days of clips on a TB drive, with room to spare. I've even figured out how to post images from my "Sunset Cam" on, so I guess I'm making progress here. Now, I want to get BI to run at...