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  1. N

    Dahua HDW5832R-ZE, Amcrest MT2544EW, Lorex LBE8974

    Can anyone tell me the real difference between the Dahua HDW5831R-ZE and the Amcrest MT2544EW and the Lorex LNE8974? Other than IV features, is the Dahua better? Does the Dahua produce a better image? Why does the Lorex have so much more IR range? It is real range or are they padding the specs?
  2. B

    Look for recommendations for a camera

    I'm wondering if there's such a beast as 8mp poe startlight dome camera, black preferred. I haven't been very successful at finding one on Google,but there are so many camera out there that it gets a little confusing. I'm having trouble with reflected IR from plants near the camera. I can't...
  3. S

    Reolink or Amcrest

    Hi, Looking to add a new camera and can't make my decision: Reolink B800 or Amcrest IP8M-2496EW-28MM. Any suggestion?
  4. sygad1

    4k/8MP camera night vision

    Hi All, Been reading a lot recently as I want to overhaul my entire camera system, spent a few years "playing" now I would like to get a little more serious. I'm very interested in the idea of 4k resolution but i'm reading a LOT that they are pretty awful at night. Is there any movement in...
  5. H

    Any 4k cameras come with a lifetime of free cloud service that goes back recordings of 2weeks-1month

    Hello, I am looking for a home security camera that has these perks: -4k resolution outdoors -either a lifetime of 2 weeks-1 month playback of free cloud storage service OR allows recordings to be automatically downloaded to a home harddrive I just dont want to pay monthly for monthly...
  6. H

    I am looking for a 4k + 60FPS home security camera...

    Hello all, I am new to this site: I am looking for a home security camera that is both 4k resolution and also 60FPS for outdoor use. I see a lot of 4k and 30FPS home cameras and those are NOT what I am looking for. Also, if the camera can download straight to a harddrive instead of a cloud...
  7. donalamala

    Hello People! Need help deciding on surveillance system

    I am not techno challenged, and I desperately need to upgrade my surveillance system. I don't want to break the bank but I don't want junk either. I have been reading too much and over researching, please help
  8. Tuckerdude

    Hikvision 4K PTZ 36x Zoom Camera - Model DS-2DF8836IV-AELW

    Hey Folks... I've haven't done a camera review before, but thought this would be a good one start with as I haven't seen it reviewed anywhere! I purchased this camera to replace the 1080P 36x Camera I had been using to monitor the main driveway of the house. This was after I had purchased my...
  9. masmith22

    Hikvision 4K / 8MP bullet DS-2CD2085FWD-I

    How well does this bullet camera 4k/8MP "DS-2CD2085FWD-I" performs in very low light areas? The 3MP model has the Darkfighter technology.