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    Best Cat6 cable for my system?

    Am I the only one who thinks @CableGuy007 is an advertising spambot?
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    How UV resistant is the monoprice Cat6 Direct Burial Ethernet Cable

    Am I the only one who thinks CableGuy007 is an advertising spambot?
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    Suggestions for adding a network jack outside.

    I suppose you could try running fiber optical through that conduit alongside the AC. Don't know if that is up to code but if done properly it's not inherently unsafe I think. If your conduit has sharp bends in it this won't work, fiber is not so bendy.
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    IR Works Better During The Rain?

    In winter it simply gets darker during the night than in spring/summer, if you're sufficiently far from the equator. Look at the sky in those pictures. The difference is probably just due to that. If you go far enough north the sun doesn't even go down anymore for several months. On the poles...
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    YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP, Onvif, only $66

    I assume you have brought this up before but I can't remember, so: what is the problem you are having and what you are using to record? I'm recording my YooSee 24/7 with BI 5 without any trouble so I'm wondering what's keeping you from doing that.
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    Timeline playback for a single camera

    Click the 'circled arrow' icon to the right of the timeline to get you out of 'Now' mode and into 'Replay' mode.
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    Timeline playback for a single camera

    I understand all that, but it can do it just fine if you're playing back multiple camera's. There is no good technical reason to suddenly limit playback to a single BVR when a single camera is being replayed and there's also no good reason for this in terms of user interface design (and I'm...
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    Timeline playback for a single camera

    Wow. Did not expect to get no reply whatsoever. Am I the only one who experiences this or finds it inconvenient? I'm on version btw, see I forgot to mention that. Guess I'll have to write to Perspective to see what they have to say.
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    Timeline playback for a single camera

    While using he Timeline in Replay mode I can click anywhere on the timeline and all camera's wil jump to that time. I can also scrub back and forth without any limitation, crossing clip boundaries is completely transparent. However, when I double-click a camera while in Timeline Replay mode (to...
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    5.3.0 - July 9, 2020

    Hi @bp2008 and @wittaj, Thanks for your replies. I guess the option to enable/disable substream recording is indeed simply not in my current version of BI as I suspected. Whenever I upgrade and find that option exists I'll be sure to enable it. I currently have the Substream set to...
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    5.3.0 - July 9, 2020

    I finally got around to setting up substreams and found the following comment in the Sub stream guide: I cannot find a 'Record dual-streams if available' option in my BI version Is that option only available in an older or newer version of BI? Is this in any way related to the...
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    Blue Iris & external triggers

    I think you must use the json interface that BI provides if you want to automate logging in. That's what I ended up doing in my code (I wrote some software to connect my alarmsystem to BI to trigger cameras based on which of the alarmsystem's PIR detectors triggered an alarm). I use the json...
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    Notification if car leaves

    QR code reads: "Car of wife who never turns off the lights" If you don't want to do that to her car you could also put a QR code or whatever on the floor instead where she normally parks her car. :)
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    Notification if car leaves

    You're solving the wrong problem :lol: