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  • Hello Andy. Do you sell analog/HDCVI Dahua cameras by any chance? I know this is a very old tech and most people now buy IP, but I cannot afford to replace all the wiring in the large building I'm planning on replacing cameras.
    Hey Andy. I'm looking for the PFB203W mount (for the camera I won from you!). I live in the EU. You don't use Aliexpress for us in the EU anymore and your new website doesn't ship to EU (yet?).
    Email is now the only way to buy from you?
    What DVR do you recommend for the following cameras that would provide remote access via local wifi for iMac, iPhone, iPad.
    Secure access away from home for portables would be a bonus.

    IP4M-1028W connected via ethernet to NETGEAR ORBI Satellite

    The following POE devices connected via switch model: AGPS9E8P-AT-96


    I see this on Amazon but would happily purchase whatever you recommend from you.

    Thank you!
    Hello Andy
    I'm looking for 4pcs IPC-T5442T-ZE in Europe.
    2 roof mount junction boxes
    2 wall mounts
    short shipping time (hoping to have them within a week).
    Then possibly some other things if it wont delay shipping (weatherproof RJ45 for my cables, maybe some indoor cams, are the Amcrests ptz on sale any good or is SD1A404XB-GNR much better?).
    Please advice on shipping time and cost for above listed 4x T5442T-ZE + 4 mounts.
    Hi, have a new install and was looking for your PTZ cameras but none on the aliexpress page. Need minimum 30x but 45 would be better. Will also need a good NVR to connect to it. Client would like AI features like human identification and vehicle, licence plate capture would be a plus. Need all the hardware for mounting camera on the corner of the building in Canada climate.
    Hi Jack

    Just send you a DM for further talking.

    hello do you have any of the new hikvision smart light (dual led) camera? if yes which model and price? thanks!
    Do you have any models interested?
    i am not sure yet but it would be a 4mm or varifocal and 6mp or 8mp

    I will list the model but like I said I am not certain yet which one, it's hard to find the price of these so the first thing is figuring out if i can afford it


    Andy, can you tell me if I can use one of your model IPC-T5442T-ZE cameras on my Lorex N841 NVR? I need about 4x and the lower light ability of that camera. I intend to build up a Blue Iris system in the near future but it would be nice to keep the Lorex running with the better camera until I can get my net cables in place. Thanks for your help.
    Yes, no problem, just add the camera via onvif protocle.
    Hi Andy,
    after updating DH_NVR5XXX-4KS2 NVR to firmware V4.002.0000000.6.R.221115
    IVS push notifications stop working, tried multiple factory resets, DMSS reinstallations, can't downgrade to older firmware, do you have a working firmware for it?

    Hi Andy, Could I connect a doorbell from another brand which is connected via wifi to my lan to the NVR? SOmething like
    Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi ? This can be used to their own NVR but Do not want a 2nd NVR
    Or is tehre a good not exensive DAHUA alternative taht I can connect via Wifi to the NVR? It is impossible to get RJ45 to the bell location. Therre are only two wires that I could use as power source
    Hey Andy, I'm looking at setting up my first security system for my home.
    I'll be running Security Spy on my 2020 M1 Mac mini.
    I am looking at purchasing four cameras.
    Three of them would be mounted outside the house and one of them will be inside of a detached garage.
    We're hoping to have great night vision in order to see the deers and coyotes that go by the house.

    I'm not sure if we'll be able to run an ethernet line to the detached garage yet..
    I have decent Wifi signal at the bar, on top of recommending a POE camera for the garage can you also recommend one that would work on WiFi?

    I forgot my dvr password
    How can i recover it
    Go to find if has a reset button and press the reet button.
    Hello! I purchased five IPC-T2431T-AS-3.6mm cameras from Amazon under the Loryta brand in June 2021 and one of them is having issues. It's stuck in a reboot loop after my power went out. I have tried a different port on my PoE switch that was used by a working camera but it did not help. I'm unable to try installing any firmware since the camera reboots during the process. Could you please let me know if it's still covered under warranty? Would it be possible to replace it?

    Here are the details from the camera:
    Device Type: IPC-T2431T-AS-3.6mm
    System Version: V2.820.15OG000.0.R, Build Date: 2021-07-06
    WEB Version: V3.2.1.1067367
    ONVIF Version: 20.06(V2.9.1.1000915)
    S/N: 6M08821PAGF61BE
    Hi Andy, I have a dahua starlight turret POE cam system with matching NVR I got from you in 2015 that's running great. I wish to setup another for a comparable price. What cameras would you recommend now and a matching NVR. $150-220 per camera would be budget. I want something at least as good as the dahua starlight turrets I have. I believe they were 2mp.
    Hi - I'm looking for indoor and outdoor cameras to integrate with Blue Iris. Can you recommend the best model for night, for identifying small items? The cameras are for tracking my cats (I have 4), so if there is a small amount of vomit, I need the camera to be able to see it clearly (usually I would scan the footage to see when the vomit appeared, and which cat did it). I also need to be able to zoom in on food dishes to ensure everyone has eaten - that sort of thing. So I need very good clarity, especially at night, with the focus being on small pets rather than people/cars/security.

    Also, I need it shipped to Spain.

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