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    PoE Switch Question

    I have an assortment of Netgear PoE switches as well. Latest addition is a JGS524PE. It sounded like a hairblower until I swapped out the fan with a Noctua fan.
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    Package detection

    I've been playing with machine learning on a RPI4 streaming RTSP from my cameras that are otherwise doing their usual thing . In my case, I'm detecting people and their dogs who have a desire to leave gifts on my lawn... my sprinklers turn on as they step anywhere on my lawn. For package...
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    Hilook NVR-104MH-C/4P - add a fan

    No experience with your NVR model, but I’d recommend getting Noctua fans as they are really quiet if noise is a consideration. Not cheap at $14 a piece on Amazon... It’s probably easier to run the fan off the hard drive cables
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    PoE Switch Question

    Most cameras I’ve seen have yet to come close to max’ing out a 10/100FE link, much less an 1GE link For that matter, any 10/100 switch will work well for 4 cameras, maybe 8. Stick with industry standard 802.3af/at compliant PoE switches as any 802.3af/at compliant camera work with them. I’ve...
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    Help identify Rx Tx on NVR (all 3 pins have +3.3V)

    Temporarily touch something like a 1K resistor to ground on each of the pins one by one and measure the voltage. The Rx input pin will usually be the one that drops
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    DS-7608NI-I2/8P Australian Firmware or Global?

    No disagreement here. Hik is always quick to deflect any support whatsoever, even for simple questions. I find the support rude at times also, always insinuating counterfeit devices even though they are legit! You might have better luck getting support from the seller. My authorized dealer...
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    DS-7608NI-I2/8P Australian Firmware or Global?

    This doesn't answer your question, but the ANPR camera firmware is indeed region specific even if the filenames are the same. License plate capture accuracy is optimized for the respective countries. Not sure about NVR firmware. I'd use what's appropriate for your region!
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    Hikvision NVR4.0 firmware file export is extremely slow

    NVR4.0 firmware exports files in the background as opposed to older NVR 3.x firmware that does it in foreground. This allows the NVR to be used in the meantime whereas older firmware basically puts one on hold until all files are done exporting. It seems NVR4.0 exports one file every...
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    5216 PoE vs 5432 no-PoE noise level

    Not sure if this helps, but just as a point of of reference, I have an older 7616NI-E2 with no PoE as I use remote PoE switches for all my cameras. It has a single 40x10mm fan which I’ve disconnected competely and has run noiseless for past 4yrs without issue. CPU temperature runs a tad...
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    5.6.11 firmware update for 2CD7A26 ANPR cameras

    5.6.11 is what I’m running now
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    5.6.11 firmware update for 2CD7A26 ANPR cameras

    For the US, go here: Be careful to get the firmware for the exact camera model number. Also note the firmware from the various hikvision sites for the ANPR cameras are country specific even though they might be named the same. It appears they...
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    5.6.11 firmware update for 2CD7A26 ANPR cameras

    I was having some recognition issues on cars that were coming in around 40degree angles with a fair number of captures as ‘no plate’ even though they could be read fairly easily by eye. Granted it was beyond their published recommendations, but my older 2CD4A26 worked much better side-by-side...
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    Hikvision NVR Liveview remote access

    I think an easy solution is using an HDMI frame grabber that the kids use for streaming their games. Feed it into a RPi that I have lying around and redrive it all across RTSP. I'll receive it on the other end with a standalone RPi nano that runs off the remote monitor's USB port for...
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    Hikvision NVR Liveview remote access

    I want to be able to setup a monitor anywhere in the house where I have a ethernet drop to view exactly what I see coming out of the NVR's HDMI port without being physically next to my NVR(s). Don't need menu access although it might be useful. Ideally, I'm hoping to run a small low power RPi...