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    Imou Cell Pro Base Station Pro-E68 recording on SD problem

    Any joy Martin? I can only state obvious reset reboot and update firmware Sorry
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    Dahua Consumer - New IMOU Cell Pro

    Its only a matter of time.
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    Battery powered wifi to phone outdoor camera - Dahua?

    Hey great find DJ Not too expensive either
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    Battery powered wifi to phone outdoor camera - Dahua?

    Hi Juliand Construction site cameras Did you find anything? I looked into it my end and best I could find is the Anker Eufycam2c 1) Main thing is no subscription 2)16GB EMMC, 3 Months local storage 3) quality seems good. 4) Two way audio too! 5) Looks like you can also hook up to power /...
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    Battery powered wifi to phone outdoor camera - Dahua?

    hey Juliand im looking for same still searching myself but reolink seem to be coming up a lot. good luck...
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    Good Camera that doesnt need to be low light @ $60

    Thanks Sebastian for your reply on that thread would you agree is 8mp non low light is significantly better than 4mp low light????
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    Good Camera that doesnt need to be low light @ $60

    Hey thanks for your reply So are you saying there are no 8MP 4k cams significantly better than my Dahua 4mp?
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    Good Camera that doesnt need to be low light @ $60

    Hi Guys :) I am a DLLL (Dahua low light lover) but this time I don't need low light as there is good street lighting Can anyone recommend a good outside cam @ $60-80 and tell me what to look for / is it mainly just MP I need to consider? Please see attached a pic with my Dahua 4mp...
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    I DO NOT need a VPN to remotely view my BI & cameras !!!

    I am convinced that I DONT need a seperate VPN to remotely view my BI software screen and camera feeds !!! Background So you want to connect remotely to your Blue Iris & cameras at home via eg teamviewer, chrome remote desktop app or Microsoft Remote desktop. You should first should setup a vpn...
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    dahua cam's capture thieves breaking in vehicles.

    Hi DJ do I have it right that as the 2431 does not perform as well as 2231 it has caused you to put up extra light, where if it was a 2231 would have been ok? Would you therefore say buying the budget 2431 was false economy and a purchase you regret?
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    My new replacement DH-IPC-HDW2431T-AS budget cams

    Hi Denovich & Dudemar What model and What Lux did you get? I cant find the specsheet anywhere either! I presume you both got the non s2 model which appears to have a .008 lux as opposed to the S2 model which according to spec sheet above has only .01 lux? Does the box or contents confirm the...
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    REVIEW: Budget 4MP Turret Comparison - IPC-T2431T-AS vs Chinese HDW4433C-A

    Hi Burt.... Aways best to test!.... Mr D put it well in his reply to post Varifocal Vs Fixed when he said : I bought a 5231R-Z varifocal starlight first and have used it as a tester camera. Between that and my DSLR, I got a pretty good idea what focal lengths I'd need in what places. I...
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    Dahua 4MP Starlight Lineup

    Must be for expediency as the BW IR mode is always 0 Lux whats the point of listing that detail. therefore PC-HDW2231T-ZS-S2 0.002 Lux@F1.5 can only refer to lux color
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    Help me how to reset..

    My Hikvision camera password reset button for DS-2CD2745FWD-IZS I thought would find on the board so took apart. 2 pairs of glasses and magnifying glass .... but it was on the front Sd card cover But thanks to Southern Yankie didnt have to try password reset software online Hope this helps...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    % at top of this page TL.