K41 DS-76xxNI-Ex / DS-77xxNI-Ex NVR firmware

K41 DS-76xxNI-Ex / DS-77xxNI-Ex NVR firmware NVR_K41_BL_ML_STD_V3.4.98

This firmware is for the Hikvision DS-76xxNI-Ex and DS-77xxNI-Ex series of NVRs.
This is English (EN) or Multi-Language (ML) baseline (BL) firmware.

The firmware has gone through many versions, adding features and functionality and bugfixes as well as resolving problems such as an incompatibility with gmail security requirements.

Only the early versions of this firmware don't query the Hikvision IP cameras for their language setting, and if they find the camera is Chinese, refuse to connect it with a 'Language mismatch' error, even when using the ONVIF protocol as connector.

**Note** Do not apply this firmware to the China-region models DS-76xxN-Ex or DS-77xxN-Ex or DS-78xxN-Ex series of NVRs as you will 'brick' the NVR with the 15-beep bootloop that internally on the serial console is saying (sic) -

"!!!!!!!you Device is illegal, Please call factory!!!!!!
!!!!!!!you Device buy in cn, you firmware is en err!!!!!!"
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