Ukraine related: Was Ukraine Government Is Handing Out Guns To Citizens, What Happened to Gun Control?


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Nov 26, 2018
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All media shows only one building which got damaged .. not sure if russian attaxk or maybe meth lab explosion ?! :lmao: :idk:


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Dec 3, 2021
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We probably need a Ukraine thread....LOL

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This has been what I’ve been saying for months.

What does Ukraine have on the Biden’s..... Something tells me that they have a lot on them, and they are threatening to tell all. And they are pissed and using this as a ploy. Ukraine will fall without a doubt, they don’t have a chance. As your other post stated @sdkid I don’t think their president will last the weekend, and he know it.

All the while our Resident is willing to collapse our country and will probably get us in a war with Russia, and he nor his woke administration have the intestinal fortitude to see it through and do what needs to be done. Like cut all oil ties with them and drop all his regulations on drilling and producing oil in our country to supply us and our allies.
They are completing Obama’s American apology tour to the world and wanting to bring us down to a 2nd or 3rd world country.

China is next in the next week or two when they roll over Taiwan.

China and Russia are going to have a hay day for the next 3 years. They won’t stop at Ukraine and Taiwan. They’ll continue. I see by 2024 China owing South Korea, Japan etc. I see Russia taking over Germany, possibly even the UK by the end of 24. I wouldn’t doubt if we see Chinese and Russian forces on our soil before this is over.
Aug 8, 2018
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All the while our Resident is willing to collapse our country and will probably get us in a war with Russia,
I doubt that. He does not have the balls to do anything other than yap yap yap.

If they really wanted to help Ukraine, they would have shipped them a few hundred cruise missiles that could have been targeted on C&C facilities in Russia.
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Jan 17, 2017
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i am starting to think the "war" is a hoax by sleepy joe..

Thanks @user8963

Seen some quiet videos also .. remember, when war happens - it is not in every CCTV camera ..

From the videos I have seen, Ukraine is in deep trouble.

Clearly there is a lot of battles.

Unfortunately a lot will be censored ( dead bodies are censored on a regular basis ) .. so you have to dig more to find better sources ..