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Feb 8, 2022
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20230809_163404_Original.jpegSo I have a direct burial pure copper cat 6 cable . I thinking about running the cable in the lower Siding channel (see photo) it will run along this lower ch in the siding for about 75 feet from there it will run behind about 6 feet of siding into my attic. where I then will drop it down to my server rack. My question is do you see any problems running the cable in that lower channel in the siding? Yes it will get wet , snow ,ect. However the cable is outdoor direct burial . So I’m not really worried about the weather getting to it . I know that uv is the worst thing for cables, however this cable won’t be hit by the sun . And I don’t have to worry about anyone digging and hitting the cable because it will be right against the siding protected. Anything I’m missing before doing this ?

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