Problems downloading/clipping videos using the Hik-Connect app


Jul 9, 2024
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London, England
Hi, new member here. My name is Liam.

I have a Hikvision setup. Have had it for just over a year. Haven't had any real problems with it at all, really.
Before, if I wanted to download a clip/video, I would use the Hik-Connect app. Now, the process for that has changed numerous times in the past year, what with the app updates and what have you. But, I was savvy enough to know what to do and I was able to play the videos, using VLC, and the videos HAD sound.
Within the past month I've needed to download clips. But, the app crashes and restarts when I click the 'download' button. The last app update on my devices is June 22nd, 2024. I've tried to use the feedback section in the app, but had no luck.
Is anybody else having the same issue? I'm able to use the rest of the app. I can, sort of 'manual record', where I have to click the record button - it turns red and starts to record. Then, press again to stop the recording. This method, alone, is inconvenient. I preferred where - after clicking the download button - it asked you where you wanted to start the clip and where you wanted it to end. Job done. I can't sit there, watching back clips and be ready, EVERY time, to stop the recording. I mean, I can, but it'd drive me mad.
Is anybody else having the same issue - where the app crashes and restarts. I have the latest version (I assume), V6.4.1.