Our migration to freedom.

Oct 16, 2018
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We currently live in Nevada which used to be a law and order state and in which I was a LEO. We had very low crime; a murder in the north, meaning Reno/Sparks was a once in a great while. Now? Too many to count.

When we finished our Great Adventure of traveling and exploring our great United States for 7 years in our 5th wheel, full time, we chose to settle in Miramar, FL.


Our home in Miramar, close to Ft Lauderdale and Miami, was perfect for us. We had our doors and windows replaced with impact rated doors and windows and we felt so safe!


In early 2016 we had to return to Nevada due to our parents’ poor health. We do what we do for family.

We bought a nice place, but we knew from the outset that it wasn’t what we wanted. But, there were very few homes available to purchase when we returned to our home state.

Fast forward a few years, my father-in-law has passed away and my MIL is in Life Care. So, we started looking for a forever home in Florida.

Hallandale, Miami and surrounding areas have really exploded in population so we decided to look in other areas. We looked at Cape Coral on the southwest coast but then soon realized we prefer the southeast coast.

We found this place in Port St Lucie and fell in love.


It will probably take us a year to transition back to Florida because of grandchildren we take care of but, Free State of Florida, here we come!

The previous owners installed a 2018 Lorex system which seems to be analog.


We’re hoping that we can use the existing analog cables to pull new Ethernet.

On our street there are many homes flying our Flag and one house is flying a BLM flag - Blue Lives Matter!

Also, quite a few “Let‘s go Brandon” signs.

We may get bananas this summer!
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