New NVR Setup


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Jan 6, 2021
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Well I was looking at buying my mother A new security camera system since she has a cheap junk Elec or something like that. was looking at Lorex or annke 4k system and stumbled upon this site. Well after reading tons of forum posts and the wiki and cliff notes I decided I wanted HikVision or Dahua. and I really wanted either the starlight or the colorvu cameras but for the 300 budget she had was out of my range for a good 8 channel and 4 camera setup. with nice starlight or colorvu or darkfighter cameras. so after 4 days of hunting and searching for the best deals on eBay amazon aliexpress I ended up buying A Dahua N42B2p 8 Channel NVR for 179 with tax and shipping. Came really close to buying the NVR4208-8P-4KS2 used on Amazon Warehouse. well then it was time for Cameras I seen a post of someone posting the 2.8 and 3.6 Amcrest turret 5mp on amazon with the coupons that made then like 45 bucks each. was going to get 3 for now and add more later. WELL then I seen the most talked about Camera on this site the good old Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z not the ZE on eBay well the listing had 2 of those and 4 IPC-HFW3200S well top bid was 56 bucks and 50 shipping and I said hell I'll bid 70 at 5 seconds left ended up winning it at 57.00 plus the shipping. so for 360 bucks for the nvr 6 cameras and 4x2 8 poe YES Solid copper cables did I get a decent setup for my mom or did I buy junk i'll regret later. In my head I think I got a pretty nice system compared to what I was originally looking at but I still don't know much about what is good and what is trash. just hope I picked the right NVR since I figured I didn't want one of the 80mbps recording since those looked like garbage imop and 200mbps was best I could afford right now actually more then I really wanted but figured the nvr was most important thing to buy now and could get decent cheaper cameras now and upgrade later. So did I do good or did I bomb. Sorry about the rambling and non stop sentences.