Need to cover dome camera


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Sep 25, 2016
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Evansville, In. USA
Yesterday I got 9 cameras up and running. I checked cameras when I got home and 2 of the cameras were facing the ground. I was able to get a perfect face shot of the clown that moved them. This morning i checked again and 2 cameras on the first floor were off line. Backed up the video and saw someone spray paint 1 cameras than a few min later took a hammer to the other one! the cameras criss cross each other and the cameras can see each other. I thought of installing a smoke detector cam with a sd card but I am positive they will destroy that also. The owner is a large corporation and they already had a idea that this was going to happen. because they have delt with it before. They say once they start to evict people they will get the idea not to fuck with the equipment. I will probably try to put a cage around them and see how long it takes before they destroy them. when i get the outside cameras installed they will probably be shot out. Yep, it's that type of neighborhood!
Why are they able to move them? Are those domes or turret cams. Lock em down if they are turrets at the least.