Need cam recommendation for a home with Hughesnet service


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Dec 3, 2016
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I just tried to set up an old Foscam in the basement of friend's farm house to monitor for flooding and other issues. They have Hughes sat service just using the modem to feed a Netgear wifi router. I did the usual port forward an such and it seemed to work until we left the property then couldn't connect. It seems that Hughes has some finite basket of ip addresses and it constantly shifts them around depending on demand and such.... so no way for this traditional setup to work.

I have read that so-called peer to peer cameras might work but can't find a lot of info or which cams operate on that protocol. Can anyone help?


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Jul 15, 2014
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From what I've read, it's not so much Hughes "shifting around IP addresses", as a dynamic WAN IP could be easily resolved with DDNS (a Dynamic Domain Name Service). Instead it's more of a twofold issue: First, and most likely, there's an issue with NAT (Network Address Translation) wherein no public IP is available to the end-user. That can usually be resolved by purchasing a higher-cost "business" service from them. That usually results in that public IP also being made "static" and not dynamic so no DDNS would be needed.

Secondly, there could be the issue with IPv6 wherein the older IPv4 IP's are not being used in later generation Hughesnet modems and so the equipment you use with that network would have to be compatible with IPv6.

If you have no alternative except P2P,and if you are looking for a good, reliable indoor camera I suggest the Amcrest IP2M-841, a Dahua rebrand. It's ONVIF compatible, provides RTSP, is 1080p, IR, has micro-SD card slot, 2-way audio (built-in speaker and mike) plus mike in/speaker out jacks, has pan/tilt/digital zoom, wired or wireless and has alarm in/out, great with Blue Iris, VLC, etc. Available in white, black or silver for under $60.

It does provide P2P operation.

EDIT 4/1/21: V3 of the IP2M-841 does NOT provide relay I/O nor jacks for an external mic and speaker.
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