Need advice !!! Using a NVT phybrigde product-EC 10 switch with EC 10 link.

Nov 12, 2019
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My current situation is my company is using an NVT phybridge swtich and ec link for elevator ip cameras . So the set up is the 3 ec 10 switchs is connected to a non Poe Cisco swtich with a patch cable . Then coax cable connecting the ec 10 switch to the ec link on top of a elevator cab . Then patch cable from ec link to camera . There are 23 cameras split up into the 10 coax port ec 10 switches . The issuse I'm having is my cameras video feed keeps disconnecting and reconnecting more than 10 times a day when streaming on h.264 but when I put the camera on mjpeg it doesn't cut out at all. Seems like a connection problem but then it doesn't this situation is very confusing. Does anyone have a similar problem ?