Looking for a way to add delay to feed - or to show clip while still recording?


Mar 26, 2017
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HI all.

This is a two part question, depending on which option works best.

I have a screen in my lounge which runs a basic HTML page with a few different things on it
One of them is a live feed from my cameras, which goes fullscreen when motion is detected.
This is achived by using MQTT and NodeRed, and loading the mjpeg feed from BI into a IMG tag on the web page.

The issue I have is alot of my cameras have "slow" motion triggers
EG to prevent false triggers, i have things like move from zone A to B before triggering, and then I make sure to have a 10 second buffer on the recording.

The problem is with the live feed, by the time the camera has triggered, the display has updated, and I look over at it, whatever has triggered the camera is almost of the screen, meaning I miss what it was
At the moment I just open the app on my phone to see, or look at the other camera feeds to see if I can see the oject on another camera, EG someone walking down the drive would be visible on the carport camera.

What im looking for is a way to delay the feed on the screen so I can see what triggers the camera.

I have tried to find a way to add a delay to the mjpeg feed, however I can't seem to find a way.
The other thing I have tried is loading the clip in by passing the clip ID though MQTT and loading that into the display. but what iv found is when I load the clip, the clip only goes to the point of it being loaded.

EG If my camera triggers, about a second later (more or less for the MQTT to run and screen to update) it pulls the clip for that feed.
The clip will be 10 seconds behind as I have that set as the buffer, but when it gets to the same timestamp where the clip was loaded, it ither stops or repeats, depending on the method I use to load the clip.
And this just happens to be pretty muich as the motino is detected.

Its as if when loading the clip, it takes a copy of whats currnetly there and sends that to the display, and doesnt update with the rest of the clip.

Either way, Im hoping someone can help point me in some sort of direction where I can achieve what im after.
If I don't make sense please let me know so I can try update my description.