Instant replay, pause, rewind


Apr 27, 2017
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I have a unique situation in which I'm trying to help a coach friend setup a camera system that will record practices (the easy part). He would really like to have multiple TVs setup around the practice area (wrestling mats) and the ability to walk up to each one and show an instant replay or pause/rewind to be able to show the wrestlers flaws in their moves, etc while they are practicing. So far I have found some mobile apps that can do this using the camera built into an android tablet or iPad but nothing that allows this with IP Cams and also nothing that works using an android TV, Fire Tv, etc. as I'd like to be able to use a handhelds remote or control the feed.

So far the closest thing I've found is using an NVR/DVR that provides this but it's not very intuitive. I use BlueIris at home so I was wondering if this is able to be accomplished using blue iris maybe sideloaded onto a fire tv or android tv box?