Inexpensive paint sprayer recommendations


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Feb 16, 2020
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I've painting some cams to match the color of my house and while I can prime them with spray primer, I need a sprayer to use the custom paint. Timingwise, I don't have time to send a paint sample to have someone make custom spray cans, but I'm looking for a cheap sprayer that can do the job. Anyone have any Amazon recommendations that they have used?


Apr 15, 2021
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Professional cabinet finisher here…

I’ve never used them, but check for preval sprayers at a local paint store. The are an aerosol with a canisters for you to add your own paint. This might be a good solution for spraying such a small amount of product. I would think you’d want to thin the paint a bit. Under $10 and disposable.

I you have an air compressor, an inexpensive HVLP gun would probably suffice with minimal clean up. A 1.8mm needle is probably a good starting point for medium/heavy bodied paints. 1.4 for thin materials. Honestly, for spraying some cameras, a $20 harbor freight gun will suffice. They’re not great and rust after a while, but totally doable for small items. HVLP results is more about thinning, fluid, and air settings than the gun itself. I can probably spray out a better finish with a $20 gun than you will with a $900 gun.

You’ll want to do a scuff sand to promote adhesion and using a good bonding primer before painting. Also, if painting dark colors be aware of the fact they will absorb heat from the sun.

Mike A.

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May 6, 2017
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Or an inexpensive airbrush with aerosol can/small compressor. Basically the same as the Preval but with more control. I have a better one that I've used to paint some cams (and other things obviously) but you don't need anything great for that. Handy things to have around for paint touch-ups.

Ditto above about thinning, settings, and prep. Also, much better to go with more very light coats. However close you think that you should be when spraying, back it up a little and do less at one time. Dust, let it dry at least to flashing off. Then another very light coat. You'll get a better finish that way and no runs/drips which will be irresistible to try to fix and then you'll just F' things up worse when you try. ; )