How do I cancel an export in queue?


BIT Beta Team
Nov 9, 2014
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I think I've asked this a while back, but hoping there's a different answer this time. I accidentally clicked export before trimming a clip - and now it's chugging along trying to export an entire 8 hour segment... It's been working on it all day and is only 17% done. I have the actual clip I want to export, but it won't even start it until it finishes the first one (sometime next week at this rate).

So my question is:

1) Is there any way to cancel the export that is in progress? I've tried to use the "destroy" (file in use error) and the "delete" function (can only select BVR). My file is MP4.
2) Does anyone know where the export is saved to as it's being created on the server? If I stopped the service I could theoretically delete the file from that location.

Killing the service completely and restarting only reset the progress back to 0%, but it faithfully restarted the export - rendering questions 1 & 2 above unanswered.

Any help would be appreciated.