hire someone to help me configure BI


Jan 30, 2018
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Hello, I hope this post is in compliance, with me asking to see if there is someone I could pay to help me configure a new BI machine. If not sorry, and OK to delete post.

I have been running BI for about 5 years now. My BI configuration has gone thru v4 to v5 upgrades, computer transfers, and me learning/tweaking things as I learned along the way. I'm looking to start with a fresh file and with someone's assistance who can help configure a new instance of BI on a new machine. It's about 25 cameras.

If someone says importing an old registry file isn't as bad as it sounds, I could do that but then would still like someone to look over the settings on everything ot make sure it's setup to its max potential and efficiency. Thanks and please send me a DM if you are interested.