Hikvision DT387G2 - corrupt mp4 recordings from Blue Iris after a couple of days

Jun 9, 2018
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Hi all. I recently purchased one of these DT387G2 Colorvu cameras to check out the colour night vision and the video quality is simply awesome!! However, I am having a problem with it after a couple of days where when I go to look at the mp4 recordings out of Blueiris they are corrupted - VLC plays them but it is just black screen.

I am using the latest Blueiris stable software I have four other cameras (all Hikvision (some genuine & some grey import) but they are a few years old now - these are all IR night vision). I have checked and compared the BI configuration between the old one and the new one and all are essentially the same. The only difference with this new camera was that it was setup for H265 but in desperation I have just put it back to H264 the same as the others in case there is some issue with the compression. They all record direct to disc in MP4 format. OSD come from the camera - not BI. I have used this successfully with Blueiris for about 7 years now - I upgraded to V5 about 18 months ago.

I have tried letting BI autofind/configure the new camera and I have also manually configured the camera from its model number. Both methods work fine for a few days and then when I stop checking the mp4 files stop recording properly and I don't discover this til I need to look at the recordings for some reason.

I am stumped!! It has to be (in my mind) a problem with this new camera - it works for a couple of days then I stop OCD checking the recordings every morning figuring it is fixed. We had a break-in in our street over the weekend and when I went to look through the recordings, the period over the break-in just won't play anything but "black screen" (grrrrrrrr....) in every video player I have checked (VLC is my usual go to). I have tried all of the supposed fixes I can find online to repair corrupted mp4 files but no joy.

I am wondering if I have been dudded in the difference between the supposed Hikvision OEM cameras and the "no logo" cameras? In other words, maybe the salesmen are wrong when they say both are exactly the same and one just costs more? Supposedly all made with the exact same internals just one gets the Hikvision sticker and the other one does not?

Details from the device are as follows:
Model DT387G2
Serial No DT387G220220618AAWRK15547535
Firmware version V5.7.3 build 220112
Encoding version V7.3 build 211223
Web version V4.0.1 build 211229
Plugin version
Firmware version property B-R-G5-0

In desperation I have even tried to find a setting to auto-reboot the thing once a day (like I had to do with another D-Link camera I have) but it seems you can only do it once per week.

I would greatly appreciate any advice that anyone could share to steer me towards a proper fix for this. Worst case I suppose I could do a warranty claim or "item not as described" back through EBay or Paypal but really hoping there is a way to fix it instead to save me ending up in a spat about how it could be something in Blueiris causing it blah blah - all of the usual finger pointing.

Thanks (in anticipation).