Hikvision (2CD2032 or any other 3Mpx model) FTP resolution


Nov 19, 2015
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Hi, I have been using Hikvision 2CD2012 and 2CD4212 cameras. Both are 1.3 Mpx and work just fine.
1.3 Mpx cameras slowly going away, they are harder to get and by now 3 Mpx cameras are even cheaper than 1.3 Mpx.

But with the 3 Mpx cameras, there is a problem. I no more can upload snapshots via FTP with 640x480 resolution, because the minimum size available is 1280x720.
The regular Stream can be full max resolution, that is not a problem. But I really need to upload lower 640 px resolution with FTP, it is a must have for me.

Does anyone know how to lower the FTP snapshot resolution on 3 Mpx cameras. Is it maybe possible to modify the firmware or is there an alternative solution?