Finally just about done

Dec 28, 2019
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New Jersey
So, after almost four years of video surveillance cameras I'm ALMOST done installing more cameras. I started out with two which were triggered by some yahoos 4x4 through the yards during a snow storm. That lead to wanting more.

Now there's a total of 15 on the outside of the house. Along with those original two locations there are three across the front, three across the back and two on each end. They're positioned to "watch" each other. Then there's three more watching the parked car and a detached storage shed. Three more are watching inside, two in the basement and one in the "common area" upstairs.

It's been a long process and a lot of fun, and some frustrations as well. Those first two cameras were real junk and have been, finally, relegated to the trash bin. One more dud like that to go. I will say that camera technology has certainly improved in a fairly short time. My favorites, at the moment, are the 5442 series. Their video is crisp and sharp, day or night. The 3241 turrets are quite good as well. Heck, even the older 2MP turrets I have a pretty decent.

I do want to replace the current cameras in those original two locations with 5442T-Zs and move the current ones, 3241T and 2231T, to points on the house as well as add a few more cameras right at the doors. All in good time.

Thanks to IPCT and all the knowledgeable folks here and a source as good as Andy at EmpireTech it has gotten very easy to figure out what's wrong when something isn't working right. Now it's time to bask and enjoy the view.