Dahhua DH-SD49225T-HN IP Address


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Jun 6, 2017
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Well I broke it maybe ???
I changed the ip address out of static and so I lost it completely and finally connected to a computer directly and in ipconfig says the address is subnet instead of my network 192.168.x.x ????
I tried everting I could find online to change it back but no go. Any help would be great.


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Apr 28, 2019
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You could factory reset it back to the address.

Most of us don't use the config tool cause it seems to cause more problems than it is worth.

Here is how most of us get the cameras to the IP address of our system:

Unhook a computer or laptop from the internet and go into ethernet settings and using the IPv4 settings manually change the IP address to


Then power up your camera and wait a few minutes.

Then go to INTERNET EXPLORER (needs to be Explorer and not Edge or Chrome with IE tab) and type in and you will then access the camera.

Then go to the camera Network settings and change the camera IP address to the range of your system and hit save.

You will then lose the camera connection.

Then reverse the process to put your computer back on your network IP address range.

Next open up INTERNET EXPLORER and type in the new IP address that you just gave the camera to access it.

OR use the IPconfig Tool, but most of us prefer the above as it is one less program needed and one less chance for the cameras to phone home or for something to get screwed up.