Can't reach UI3 over local network


Nov 26, 2020
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I wasn't sure whether this was a question for the NETWORKING forum or BLUE IRIS. I think I've set up WEB SERVER correctly for no user authorization over the local LAN and correct pointers to the UI3 WWW directory. From the local BI computer, I can reach the UI3 interface, but from any other computer, on the same LAN, nothing. I'm trying both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses.

A further data point: I also have Deepstack running on Port 83 and it comes across just fine (making me think it's not a network configuration issue). FWIW, I can ping the local ip.

I've searched the forum for various terms that relate to this problem, but I haven't found anything relevant. I've also gone through the BI manual and the BI Remote Access Wizard - the Wizard checks out until I get to the remote LAN section which I'm not trying to make work yet. Is there a common "tips & tricks" post that might give me some checkpoints? TIA for any help.