Can you tell me why my headphones/mic suddenly stopped working?

Jun 8, 2021
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United State

There is a possibility that the microphone shut down suddenly. It seems that the mic stopped working on mobile after updating to Redmi Note 7 Pro. Is this a problem caused by the mobile update? Please provide a suggestion.

Thanks in advance.

I realize, I must have faced a lot of trouble because my headset mic got disabled. It was set as the default device on my computer. And the microphone volume was so low that it was not able to record my voice clearly. Right-click the headset microphone and click Enable. After right-clicking it again and selecting set as default device, it worked fine, but it was still a problem with my microphone, then I needed to make sure my microphone was fine. I tried - Take Mic Test Online For Free with the help of testing my microphone, then it is working fine.
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