Can You See Grid Connect Cams Across the Web?


Getting the hang of it
Apr 22, 2015
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We have a very cheap 'Orion' IP cam that uses Grid Connect and our home Wifi Lan.

Works fine. Good picture. sound a bit horrible though. But that's okay.

The thing is we'd want to see it from outside the home.

The instruction thing doesn't give this a mention.

The box says 'See and speak to visitors to your home from anywhere.'

That could mean anywhere in the home or 'anywhere'. I don't know.

I guess maybe the question boils down to the properties/abilities of this 'grid connect' thing which appears to be a big thing but we know nothing about - despite have an x96 enabling playing usb movies on our old tv and having this camera.

Can anyone answer this query or perhaps steer us towards where we'll find the answers?