CA Cops Search Home After Man Applies for “AW” Registry (Video)

David L

IPCT Contributor
Aug 2, 2019
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Don't get me wrong, I support the cops, even in the big blue metro areas, it's usually the mayors and city councils in those areas that let their "big fish in a little pond" mentality take over.

Hell, why should we expect any sort of trust, fairness honesty or honor from enforcement once their superiors get a taste of their powers.....the cops in one state this past October raided a young student's home during COVID mandated Zoom-learning online at home because a teacher saw a BB guns on the wall in a student's home! :mad:

Boy, 9, suspended after teacher sees BB gun in his room during virtual class; family sues
Online Schooling; another invasion of privacy into our homes...Good Idea to blur your background...For Zoom, with Skype it is easy, with Google Meet too...