3.60.00 - August 11, 2014


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Mar 9, 2014
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3.60.00 - August 11, 201414
· The camera window layout algorithms have been greatly enhanced. Instead of a simple even division, cameras are now more closely packed in order to minimize unused space. This has been applied to both the main user interface window as well as the camera group webcast streams. This is particularly beneficial for vertical or 90 degree rotated video sources.
· The client software must be revised in order to be aware of this new camera layout for accurate selection of a camera from a group stream. The ActiveX component has been updated to and updates to iOS and Android clients will follow.
· A camera group selection tool has been added beneath the video window. Use this to select a specific camera group for viewing. An edit icon allows you to make settings changes for the group. You may select whether or not to offer the group for webcasting or add a cycle stream. You may also override the default camera layout rectangle with any specific resolution. In order to actually add and delete groups, you must still do this from the camera properties pages by adding and removing cameras from groups.


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Mar 10, 2014
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Holy cow that is different. I'm going to have to update my addon/replacement web pages.

Also FYI the webcast images are a little bit glitchy for me in 3.60.01. The edges of the cameras in the group views keep shifting side to side.

Update: I let Ken know about the glitchy camera group images so in case you see the same thing ... he already knows.
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